February 2017

California Consulting LLC: "Putting Clients First"

City of Baldwin Park Unanimously Approves California Consulting Contract

January 18, 2017- Baldwin Park CA- The City of Baldwin Park Council unanimously agreed to renew their grants services contract with California Consulting, LLC. This great news is coming off the heels of the City recently being awarded  the Los Angeles County Competitive Tree Planting - Department of Parks & Recreation for $200,000. 
"We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with the City of Baldwin Park. We appreciate the City putting its collective trust in California Consulting, both now and into the future," said Allison Richards, Senior Director.

Steve Samuelian and Fiona Ma Present at LA Chamber's Nonprofit Council

California Consulting, LLC  CEO, Steve Samuelian, presented at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Council with State Board Equalization Chairwoman, Fiona Ma. They discussed taxes, grants, and the future of nonprofits in California. T he event was moderated by LA Chamber's Nonprofit Co-Chairs: Holly Choon Hyang Bachman, founder of nonprofit Mixed Roots and Regina Birdsell, President/CEO of the Center for Nonprofit Management. Many nonprofits from Los Angeles County participated in the event. 


California Consulting is pleased to announce that our client, Azusa Unified School District, was awarded their 2016 National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance grant for $54,275. Congratulations to Azusa USD and the California Consulting grant writing team for writing the successful application!

California Consulting LLC is pleased to announce our client, William S. Hart Unified School District received the City of Santa Clarita Community Services & Arts Grant for $2,500. Congratulations to the outstanding William S. Hart staff and California Consulting grant writing team on the successful application!


California Consulting LLC has teamed up with elected officials across Southern California to host Grant Writing Workshops. Please see below for the upcoming workshops in your area. 

City of Waterford Receives CPRS Award for Tuolomne River Parkway Project

January 2017, City of Waterford received recognition from the California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) for Excellence in Design - Park Planning for its Toulumne River Parkway. California Consulting was previously able to secure over $3 million in grant funding to help make this project a reality. Tristan Shamp, California Consulting's Statewide Grants Manager, stated "We are very pleased to see the City of Waterford earn statewide recognition for its Tuolumne River Parkway and hope this parkway will continue to serve local residents and promote environmental stewardship of the Tuolumne River for years to come."
This award recognizes excellence in design of completed park facilities intended for public use. The project may be either new construction or a rehabilitation project that demonstrates high standards of planning, design, community involvement, operation and maintenance, quality of aesthetics, usability, accessibility and versatility.
CPRS award recognizes planning and development or significant rehabilitation of outdoor park and recreation spaces where the majority of the site does not contain buildings, structures or facilities and that result in higher levels of community use.

The City of Waterford will receive:
  • Statewide recognition at the CPRS Conference & Expo, including:
  •  Highlight in the general session awards video
  • Presentation, plaque and publicity photograph at the CPRS Annual Awards Banquet
  •  'Award Winner' ribbon to wear
  • Listed in the Best of the Best booklet
  • Statewide recognition in the Spring issue of California Parks & Recreation and on the CPRS website, www.cprs.org
  • Electronic Award of Excellence logo for agency promotional purposes
  • CPRS representative available to re-present the Award at a local event (if requested)
  • Sample press release for award recipient to distribute to local or regional media 
Congratulations City of Waterford!

Welcome to the Team!

California Consulting welcomes the City of Blythe, Baldwin Park Unified School District, and the City of Carson as our newest clients. We look forward to working with you strategically to meet the needs of your communities.

Thank you for your renewal!

California Consulting is delighted that Orange County Waste & Recycling and 
City of Baldwin Park have renewed their contract. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services!

Municipal Grant Opportunities: 

Education Grant Opportunities: 


1/27/17 Assemblyman Mike Gipson was the special guest at the latest BizFed leadership roundtable.  The meeting was held at Tesoro in Carson. California Consulting CEO and BizFed Executive Committee member,Steve Samuelian, introduced Assmblyman Gipson at the meeting. Gipson held a very productive and informative 90 minute public policy discussion with several business leaders from across L.A. County. We thank Assemblyman Gipson for participating in this worthwhile meeting and for his hard work on behalf of the State of California.

1/27/17- California Consulting Associate Sergio Sanchez doing a presentation regarding grant funding at the California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators (CALSA)  state conference in Monterey.

1/27/17- California Consulting Associate, Matthew Park, attended a reception for Ted Gaines hosted by Common Sense Consulting. The reception was located at The Petroleum Club in Bakersfield. Pictured is Matthew Park, Senator Ted Gains, and Russell Johnson, Common Sense Consulting.

1/26/17 California Consulting LLC Senior Associate for the Bay Area, Amiee Alden, and newly-elected Berkeley Councilmember,Sophie Hahn, at the League of California Cities East Bay Division dinner. 

1/26/17-  California Consulting LLC Statewide Senior Director, Allison Richards, and Dan, Rodriguez, California Consulting Associate- Southern California, attended the League of California Cities VIP New Elected Welcome Reception for the Inland Empire and Desert Mountain Divisions in Fontana, CA.

1-24-17 - California Consulting CEO, Steve Samuelian, attended the Los Angeles County Business Federation BizFed Officer Installation Dinner at City Club in downtown Los Angeles.

Steve was re-elected to the Board and as an Officer for Bizfed for the 2017-18 term. BizFed is the largest business organization in the United States. 

 Steve is pictured here with BizFed CEO, Tracy Rafter, and BizFed Officer and West L.A. Chamber President, Roozbeh Farahanipour

1/23/17 - California Consulting's Director of Operations, Shari Herbold, attended the Santa Barbara Chapter of the California Special District's Association (CSDA). The meeting was located at the Glen Annie Golf Club. 

1/19/17- California Consulting Associate, Lee Neves attended the  League of California Cities Sacramento Dinner NMCA at DeVere's Irish Pub. California Consulting is a proud sponsor of League of California Cities.

1/18/17-  California Consulting, LLC  CEO, Steve Samuelian, Talking taxes, grants, and the future of nonprofits in California on a panel with  Fiona Ma  State Board of Equalization Chairwoman. 

The event was moderated by LA Chamber's NonProfit Co-Chairs: Holly Choon Hyang Bachman, founder of nonprofit Mixed Roots and Regina Birdsell, President/CEO of the Center for Nonprofit Management.

1/13/17 Califor
nia Consulting, LLC Sr. Director, Allison Richards attended the elegant League of California Cities, San Diego chapter's reception for newly elected public officials in the county. 

The event was
held at the City of Vista's state of the art Civic Center. We are proud to be a League Parnter for the League of California Cities! 
L to R: League of California Cities Representative Catherine Hill (LOCC), Allison Richards (California Consulting Sr. Director), Patrick Johnson (City of Vista, City Manager) and Teresa Acosta (Madaffer Enterprises). We congratulate Catherine Hill and the San Diego Division for the great work supporting cities!

1/12/17- California Consulting LLC Senior Associate Inland Empire, Greg Pettis, attended the League of California Cities Inland Empire Division  Membership Meeting. 

1 /11/17- 
San Diego CA- California Consulting Statewide Senior Director, Allison Richards, presented at the California Purchasers HealthCare Coalition (CPHCC), 

1/5/17 -California Consulting Associate, Dan Rodriguez, attended the League of California Cities Los Angeles Division General Membership meeting. 

Issue: 14
In This Issue

Team Member Spotlight: Tristan Shamp

Tristan California Consulting is pleased to spotlight 
Tristan Shamp. 

Tristan has been with California Consulting since 2009  serving both as a project manager and as the firm's  Statewide Grants Manager.  In this position, he oversees  the statewide operations of the company's grant writing program  including grant writer support, grant writing quality control, and  grant research among other items, in addition to some client  retention activities and business development.

Tristan comes from an extensive background in academics and 
project management.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University  of California, Los Angeles in 2005, and a Master of Arts degree in History at California State  University Fresno in 2009.  Tristan has taught credited courses at CSU Fresno, been a  supplemental instructor at Fresno City College, and coordinated various academic programs 
with local education agencies while working for a Fresno-based private tutoring firm.

He completed the Grant Writing & Management Program through CSU Fresno in October 2010  and holds a professional certification in grant writing and program management.

Upcoming Grants: 

Municipal Opportunities:

US Department of Justice: Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction  Program (Project Safe Neighborhoods) FY 2017 Competitive Grant

Deadline: March 28, 2017

Amount: 12 awards of up to $200,000-$500,000 each

Match: This solicitation does not require a match.

Eligibility:  PSN team fiscal agents for the United States Attorney 
Office districts and federally recognized Indian tribal governments.  
All fiscal agents must be certified by the relevant U.S. Attorney's Office 
(USAO). Eligible USAO-certified fiscal agents include states, units of local
government, educational institutions, faith-based and other community 
organizations, private nonprofit organizations, and federally recognized
Indian tribal governments.

BJA's "Smart Suite" of programs invests in the development of practitioner-
researcher partnerships that use data, evidence, and innovation to create
strategies and interventions that are effective and economical. This data-
driven approach enables jurisdictions to understand the full nature and 
extent of the crime challenges they are facing and to direct resources to 
the highest priorities. The Smart Suite of programs, which includes Project 
Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), represents a strategic approach that brings 
more "science" into crimina l justice operations by leveraging innovative 
applications of analysis, technology, and evidence-based practices with the 
goal of improving performance and effectiveness while containing costs. 
PSN is designed to create safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction  in gang violence and gun crime. The program's effectiveness is based on  the cooperation and partnerships of local, state, and federal agencies engaged  in a unified approach led by the U.S. Attorney (USA) in each district. The USA  is responsible for establishing a collaborative PSN team of federal, state, and  local law enforcement and other community members to implement gang violence  and gun crime enforcement, intervention, outreach, and prevention initiatives  within the district. Through the PSN team, the USA will implement the five design  features of PSN-partnerships, strategic planning, training, outreach, and accountability-
to address specific gun crime and gang violence, in the most violent neighborhoods.  Details on the five design features (also referred to as core elements)  can be found on pages 5-7.

Sierra Pacific Foundation Grant 

Deadline: Annually on February 28 

Amount: $100 - $50,000 Match: None 

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations 

The Sierra Pacific Foundation supports a wide range of organizations that serve  communities where Sierra Pacific Industries operates facilities, primarily in Northern  California and Washington. Funding is provided for academic and community  programs, particularly those that benefit children. Specific areas of interest include:  * K-12 and higher education; * libraries; * museums; * civic affairs; * arts and culture;  * parks and recreation; * youth sports; * health and social services; and, * public safety,  including drug and alcohol prevention. Types of support include general operating and 
project support. Educational scholarships are also given to dependent children of  company employees. Contribution request forms may be obtained from the nearest  Sierra Pacific Industries office or by contacting the Foundation.

Economic Development Administration (EDA): FY2016 Public Works and  Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant Programs

Deadline: Continuous until new solicitation published

Amount: $100,000 - $3,000,000

Match: 50% of project cost

Eligibility: Cities; Counties; 501(c)(3) nonprofits; Public and State controlled institutions 
of higher education; Native American tribal governments; Private institutions of  higher 
education; Special district governments

Under this FFO, EDA solicits applications from applicants in rural and urban areas to  provide investments that support construction, non-construction, technical assistance,  and revolving loan fund projects under EDA's Public Works and EAA programs. Grants  and cooperative agreements made under these programs are designed to leverage existing  regional assets and support the implementation of economic development strategies that 
advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed  communities. EDA provides strategic investments on a competitive- merit-basis to support  economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in economically 
distressed areas of the United States.

California Department of Housing & 
Community Development (HCD): 
2017 Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention (VHHP) Program

Deadline: February 21, 2017

Amount: The maximum loan per project is $10 million.

Eligibility: The Eligible Project Sponsor is the borrowing entity that HCD relies  upon  for experience and capacity, and which  controls the project during  development and occupancy.


The purpose of the VHHP program is to provide funding for acquisition, construction,  rehabilitation and preservation of affordable multifamily housing for veterans and their  families to allow veterans to access and maintain housing stability.  Funds must be  used to serve veterans and their families.  VHHP funds will be provided as post- construction permanent loans. All Program funds shall be used for the development  costs in CCR Section 7304 (a) and (b) and to refinance loans used to cover such costs. 
Program assistance shall have an initial term of fifty-five years or longer to match the  period of affordability restrictions under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.  "Veteran" means any person who served in the active military, naval or air service of the  United States or as a member of the National guard who was called to and released from  active duty or active services for a period of not less than 90 consecutive days or was 
discharged from service due to a service related disability. This includes veterans with other- than-honorable discharges.  At least 50 percent of the funds awarded shall serve veteran  households with extremely low-incomes. Of those units targeted to extremely low-income  veteran housing, 60 percent shall be supportive housing units.

State Water Resources Control Board: Proposition 1 Small Community 
Wastewater Program

Deadline:  Continuous

Amount/Financing:  $260 Million allocated to program.  Like CWSRF (see above) there  is no maximum funding or disbursement limits. Financing Term up to 30 years or the  useful life of the project.  Interest Rate is ½ the most recent General Obligation (GO)  Bond Rate  at time of funding approval.

Eligibility:  Most cities, towns, districts, or other public bodies created under state law,  including state agencies

Section 79723 of Prop 1 allocates $260 million to the Clean Water State Revolving  Fund (CWSRF) Small Community Grant (SCG) Fund. The State Water Board has an  annual SCG appropriation of $8 million dollars, which is administered consistent with  the CWSRF Intended Use Plan (IUP), and the CWSRF Policy. The Prop 1 funds will  supplement existing SCG authority. Eligible projects are similar to the CWSRF program 
and include, but are not limited to:

1. Construction of publicly-owned treatment facilities: Wastewater treatment; Local sewers; Sewer interceptors; Water reclamation and distribution; Stormwater treatment; Combined sewers; Landfill leachate treatment


2. Implementation of nonpoint source (NPS) projects to address pollution associated with: Agriculture; Forestry; Urban Areas; Marinas; Hydromodification; Wetlands


Educational Opportunities:

California Department of Education (CDE): California Health Science Capacity 
Building Project Grant

Deadline: March 1, 2017

Amount: $30,000-$60,000

Match: None.

Eligibility: Local educational agencies. 

Grant funds may be used to either establish a new Health Science Pathway
Program or to enhance an existing Health Science Pathway Program. 
Successful grantees will be expected to develop a standards-based curriculum,  to develop a coherent sequence of courses, and to provide health science content  and context inclusive of grades seven through twelve. Grant funds must not be used  to maintain existing programs.  Districts must complete an application and submit all  required documents as described in the Request for Application.  Applicants will be 
awarded up to $30,000 to $60,000 in urban, suburban, and rural communities in  California. Final award determinations will be based on application quality, geographic  location, type of grant requested, and on additional funding received by the school for  the requested pathway program. Programs without significant additional funding will 
receive priority.
California Department of Education (CDE): 2016-2017 School Nutrition  Programs (Apportionment)

Deadline: Applications or other data may be submitted at any time during the  fiscal year (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017)

Amount: Allocation.  Agencies are reimbursed for the number and types of 
meals or pints of milk served, per the student's household eligibility for free,  reduced-price, or paid meals or milk. There is $2,093,630,000 in federal funds  and $156,705,000 in state funds available.

Match: None

Eligible Applicants: Local educational agencies  Required Eligibility Criteria: 
Public and private nonprofit schools (including public  charter schools) are 
eligible to participate. Also eligible are public and private,  nonprofit licensed 
residential child care institutions (e.g., group homes, juvenile halls,  orphanages).   Residential child care institutions and all for-profit schools and agencies  are not  eligible for the Seamless Summer Feeding Option or the State Meal Program.  No for-profit schools or agencies are eligible for federal or California state School  Nutrition Programs funding.

Funding supports five school meal and milk programs  to assist schools, districts,  and other nonprofit agencies in providing nutritious meals and milk to children at  reasonable prices or free to qualified applicants. The five programs are the National  School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Seamless Summer  Feeding Option (SSFO), Special Milk Program (SMP), and State Meal Programs (STMP)

Major League Baseball Foundation: Baseball Tomorrow Fund

Deadline: Quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1, & October 1)

Amount: $40,000 average award size

Match: 50% or more of total project cost

Eligibility: Tax exempt organizations including municipalities, school districts,  and 501(c)(3) nonprofits

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is a joint initiative between Major League Baseball  and the Major League Baseball Players Association designed to promote and  enhance the growth of youth participation in baseball and softball around the world  by funding programs, fields, coaches' training, uniforms, and equipment. Grants are  intended to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake  a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth  baseball or softball programs. The Baseball Tomorrow Fund supports projects 
that meet the following evaluation criteria: increase the number of youth participating  in baseball and softball programs; improve the quality of youth baseball and  softball programs.

Annenberg Foundation

Deadline: Continuous

Amount: $10,000 - $100,000 

Match: None

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations in California and primarily the 
five-county greater Los Angeles region  

The Annenberg Foundation primarily supports nonprofit organizations in the  five-county greater Los Angeles region of California. The Foundation provides  grants in the following programmatic areas: education; arts, culture, and humanities;  the environment; military veterans; civic and community; health and wellness; and,  animal welfare. Equal consideration is given to applications for awards for general  operations or program support.


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