From the opening of our first shop back in 2018, great book folk like yourself have asked us How We Are Doing?
As a small business, our cautiously optimistic response is always along the lines of, "We are doing well, thanks to friends like you …" and we truly mean it.

Our community of friends has expanded in the last few years to include other local businesses, families, newlyweds, babies!, teachers, librarians and school administrators (join our educator list), a growing network of local authors and loyal readers — all gracious enough of your time and your support to keep an indie bookshop close to your home.

We don't have an algorithm, a fleet of trucks, or warehouses we can load up. We have a team of well-read, avid book lovers who can tell you the next book you'll love or share a stack of great ones to add to your list. We are your neighbors, our kids go to school with yours, and we're eager to chat books with you.

So thank you for welcoming us into your lives and keeping us in your community, we would not be here without you — and we cherish that.

Speaking of books, check out our 2022 best sellers — topped by some of our favorite local authors! — and browse through the ones we loved to share with you!

Here's to a happy and healthy and book-heavy year ahead. We can't wait to see you in the shop again.
Cheers to 2023!
— Meghan, Audrey, Ernio, Jillian, Kaitee,
and the whole River Bend team
(from both sides of the river!)