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What's New with Envision Eugene?
August 26, 2016
This week's newsletter focuses on one of the key components of adopting our urban growth boundary (UGB), the new, Eugene-specific comprehensive plan. We've got a video, a questionnaire and another fact sheet for you this week, in addition to a reminder about upcoming community events where you can chat with the Envision Eugene Team. You can always visit our website for the latest information.
Adopting Our Own Urban Growth Boundary
Until now, Eugene and Springfield have shared both a UGB and a comprehensive plan through the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan). As part of Envision Eugene, we will adopt our first ever Eugene-specific UGB and comprehensive plan, which will allow us to manage growth in a way that is reflective of Eugene's community values.

Our new UGB will be independent from Springfield's UGB and will include two expansion areas: one in the Clear Lake Area and one in the Santa Clara Neighborhood. These expansions will be the focus of upcoming newsletters.

This week we are focusing on the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan and the role it plays in Envision Eugene and the UGB Adoption Package.
Adopting Our Own Comprehensive Plan
Watch the Video!

In Oregon, every city has a comprehensive plan that establishes an urban growth boundary and includes a set of policies to guide how land within that boundary is used.The draft Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan includes policies to support our collective vision for the future of our community. Learn more about the comprehensive plan by visiting our website or reading this fact sheet.

The Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan will be created in phases. The current draft includes a focused set of policies required to get our UGB adopted. It is made up of four chapters: Economic Development, Transportation, Administration and Implementation, and the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary. Additional chapters, addressing a broader set of community values, will be added to our comprehensive plan once this focused set of policies is adopted and we have our UGB in place. It is worth noting that housing policies will remain in the Metro Plan until a future phase. You can review the draft comprehensive plan here.

Tell us what you think! You can fill out the questionnaire, visit us at one of our upcoming events or submit your written comments to envisioneugene@ci.eugene.or.us. Your input will help us make sure Eugene the best that it can be as we continue to grow!
Community Outreach

Community Events
Last week the Envision Eugene Team was in Santa Clara and River Road where we spoke with nearly 60 people. In Santa Clara we heard that residents would like to see more places to eat and gather and that they love their nearby farm stands. River Road residents said they wanted better transportation safety and more transportation options, in addition to more  commercial development along key corridors in their neighborhood.

Come say "hello" at one of the upcoming community events going on until the end of September!

Upcoming Community Events:
September 2, 5:30-8 pm, First Friday Art Walk (Downtown)
September 10, 11 am - 3 pm, South East Neighbors Picnic (Tugman Park)


Drop in Sessions and Open House
In addition to the community outreach we have been doing all summer, we will be hosting sessions in September where folks can take a closer look at topics related to adopting our UGB, including the multi-family housing options, the areas proposed for expanding the UGB, and new comprehensive plan policies to guide growth in Eugene.

Envision Eugene Drop-in Session
Tuesday, September 13, 4-6 pm
Atrium Building Lobby
99 W. 10th Avenue, Downtown

Bethel/Clear Lake Open House
Thursday, September 15, 4:30-6:30 pm
Clear Lake Elementary Cafeteria
4646 Barger Drive

Envision Eugene Drop-in Session
Wednesday, September 21, 4-6 pm
Atrium Building Lobby
99 W. 10th Avenue, Downtown

Stay tuned for more events throughout the summer where you can visit the Envision Eugene booth! Go to Get Involved! for the latest information. 

To subscribe to Envision Eugene, email envisioneugene@ci.eugene.or.us and tell us you would like to receive our emails. Thanks for your interest, and as always, please let us know if we can answer any questions about Envision Eugene.
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