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August 9, 2016
This week's newsletter focuses on requesting your feedback on multi-family housing strategies, area planning, and key corridors, and reminders about upcoming Envision Eugene events. You can always get the latest information at the Envision Eugene website.
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Multi-family Housing Options
The City is asking the community for feedback on several options to meet our multi-family housing needs over the next 20 years. Most of our future housing can fit on land that is within our current urban growth boundary. There is still a need, however, to find space for about 1,600 multi-family homes. Check out this infographic that explains how we arrived at this number.

There are many options for addressing these housing needs and now is the time to give us your feedback on the potential strategies. The strategies have been grouped into three tiers based on feasibility. Some of these options can be implemented sooner, while others would require more analysis and community feedback, which would slow down adoption of the urban growth boundary. Learn more on our  multi-family options page or click on the multi-family housing video link above.

City Council will decide which strategies to adopt in the fall and your feedback will help inform the Council's decision. The City Council specifically asked for input on a handful of the possible options, including the strategy to increase housing densities along our key transportation corridors and core commercial areas (see more under Area Planning below).

After you've learned more about these strategies, let us know what you think. Visit the Get Involved! page to learn more and click on the link below to take the multi-family housing questionnaire, which is full of links to informational materials.
Area Planning, Key Corridors and the UGB
At their July 20th work session, the City Council asked for public input on the idea of adding housing along our "key corridors." This idea is a central growth management principle in Eugene that we are committed to doing through area planning to address neighborhood livability and compact development goals. In order to do that we need to adopt development incentives (like the multiple unit property tax exemption - MUPTE) ahead of, or at the same time as adopting the UGB. 

If other strategies to accommodate the 1,600 homes are selected, area planning along key corridors could still be done as time and resources allow and as conditions in different parts of town warrant.

What do you think about these strategies? Should we pursue one or more of the Tier 1 options, and move forward with adopting our UGB soon? Or, should we take more time and pursue increasing density along key corridors? Our questionnaire will ask you these questions and more.

Learn more about area planning by viewing the fact sheet below.
Community Outreach

The Envision Eugene Team was at the First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Eugene last week. At our fifth community event of the summer, we heard from nearly 30 members of the public. Not surprisingly, given the location of the event, we heard concerns about gentrification and homelessness downtown as well as access to public transportation.

Come say "hello" at one of the upcoming Party in the ParksSunday Streets, or First Fridays.

Tonight: 5-7:30 pm - Party in the Parks (Bethel Community Park)

Other Upcoming Events:
Thursday August 11th, 5:00-7:30pm - Bethel Family Fun Night ( Petersen Barn)
Tuesday August 16th, 5:00-7:30pm - Party in the Parks ( Awbrey Community Park)

Stay tuned for more events throughout the summer where you can visit the Envision Eugene booth! Go to  Get Involved! for the latest information. 
To subscribe to Envision Eugene, email envisioneugene@ci.eugene.or.us and tell us you would like to receive our emails. Thanks for your interest, and as always, please let us know if we can answer any questions about Envision Eugene.
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