January 2016
Live Your Joy Institute News
Your Dream Come True

by Dr. Barbara Gulbranson
Recently, my daughter started college far from the Midwestern town that we live in. Leaving her there gave me apprehension about whether or not she would be okay, whether or not I would be okay and what would it be like to have such distance between us? Despite my concerns, all is extraordinarily well. You see, my daughter is a powerful manifester and always has been. She set her intention on going to this school in this location; and no matter what obstacles seemed to appear along the way, she would not deviate from her dream. By setting her intention and keeping her attention there, she manifested exactly what she wanted. She called me last night and to my heart's delight said, "Mom I'm living my dream."
Living our dream is what all of us want because we know that this is the key to happiness. When we live our dream, we are fulfilling our Divine Purpose resulting in a heart that expands with love, joy and passion. We break free of strain and struggle and be who we were meant to be as a unique expression of God. Sadly, many of us are not living our dream. Why? Because we are filled with fear. Instead of having the bright eyes of a young adult starting the journey, we have been immobilized by fear, holding on to the past and burdened by our conditioning. Our past struggles and disappointments freeze our hearts and prevent us from living in the Divine flow. We get into real trouble when our fear outweighs our love, and we can't move forward into a fuller and greater expression of our Divine selves.
Today, in particular, there is a great disconnect between what society dictates that we do and what we know in our hearts and souls that we are meant to do. Our true nature is not to settle for a mediocre existence eking out a living to pay the bills; rather, our true nature is love, abundance, creativity and power. But here's the upside. You can connect with the unlimited potential in you right now.

What would it take for you to live independent of what's expected of you with a passionate commitment to fulfilling your unique purpose? Ask yourself what would your life look like if you were living your dream? What would you be doing? Who would you be doing it with? Where would you be located? Don't judge what that picture looks like. Don't call it impossible or childish - just let the image flow into your mind and embody it fully. Now take one small step this week toward that dream. It doesn't matter how small it is, but let it be movement in that direction. Next week do the same and continue to take steps in the direction of manifesting a new reality. Know that you are a powerful co-creator with God, and Spirit within you wants to express fully and freely. The Universe will never say "no" when you give the green light in your consciousness.

Also be sure to empty yourself of anything unlike God. Empty yourself of fear, confusion, discord, judgement and trust that a Divine power within propels you forward. Fill your consciousness with the fact that your word is the living word of Spirit. Affirm that you are inspired and guided to fulfill your purpose right now. Your words backed by feeling have a magnetic energy behind them that sets the activity of Spirit in motion attracting like energy into your experience. The Creative Principle is acting through you always and is limitless. That's why your success in this life has nothing to do with luck or circumstance and everything to do with your consciousness.
To learn to listen to Spirit beckoning us to fulfill a greater purpose requires us to become fully realized and awakened. We must not only be aware of the Christ consciousness within us but become completely aligned with it. This means that we allow ourselves to take a journey of transformation completely -- bare of anything unlike God. We trust in a Power and Presence that will travel with us to a greater expanse of consciousness.

The ability to live your dream is here today. Take the first step and, as always, drop me an e-mail at  revbarbgulbran@cs.com and let me know how it is going for you. Like my precious daughter, you can make the call to someone you love and say with joy in your heart, "I'm living my dream."
Peace to all.
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Thriving in the Third Act 
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