Cupertino  Community Events:

Aug 27th        CEEF Run for Great Schools Recap
Sept 10th       Kids' Bike Rodeo at Rotary Fall Fest
Sept 24th       Bike on Main Kids Rodeo - Get a free helmet!
Oct 1st          Cupertino City Bike Rodeo & Ride

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Safe Routes to School Update.   Thanks to the leadership at Cupertino Union School District and the City of Cupertino, there  is a major effort this Fall to extend school-district-wide bike safety training to our youth.   In addition to a number of planned bike safety rodeos (see above), there are a variety of safety events scheduled at our local schools (see ).

Significantly,  CUSD - with the support and leadership of Cupertino's Safe Routes Program - will start to implement this Fall -  the "Palo Alto" training model to all 5 middle school 6th grade classes.  It was also announced (8/25/16) that Cupertino's Safe Routes 2 School Program will be expanded  to all Cupertino Schools .  fmi: .  Education has been a major pillar of Walk-Bike Cupertino's advocacy.   This is all very encouraging news, indeed!

Walk Audit at the Tri-Schools.  With Alta Planning, Senior Civil Engineer David Stillman and SRTS Coordinator Chelsea Biklin conducted a "walk audit" of the area surrounding Monta Vista High, Lincoln and Kennedy Middle School.  The report identifies physical improvements that can increase the safety of our students. See  for the results of the audit.


Bike Plan 2017 Update:    C ity staff is initially focused on launching the planning, project management and deployment of these major projects:
  • Class IV (separated bike lanes) on Stevens Creek Blvd from Foothill to Calvert, McClellan Road from Byrne to DeAnza Blvd;
  • Develop the plan for an off road bike route along the I-280 sound wall from Mary Ave to Wolfe Road;
  • Develop the plan for a Rail-to-trail bike/ped path along the Union Pacific tracks from Prospect to Stevens Creek Blvd.
  • Launching a strategic  Pedestrian Plan 
City staff has identified external contract resources to assist in the planning, communicating and implementation of these items.  As the year proceeds, the intent is to identify specific smaller projects that will improve safe routes and crossings of major arteries.  See the David Stillman's article at   The city has budgeted $2M this year for projects and has carry-over projects of roughly $550K from 2016.  $300K of these projects are bike routes in Cupertino city parks, and they will be initiated pending the completion of the Master Parks Plan in early 2017.  You can see the 2016 carry over projects at .   The 2017 Master Bike Plan can be found at this link      CupertinoBikePlan17  .
 Website Updates:


Bike Routes Improve Safety and Property Values.

  • Walk-Bike Cupertino advocates safe and easy cycling and walking in the city. This implies better signed routes through neighborhoods that are shorter and quieter for our kids to get to/from school and for our adult population who wants to access shopping districts or for exercise.
  • At Walk-Bike Cupertino's request, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department has found no history of problems or crime related to three sampled city areas that are bike/ped friendly: and open for neighborhood access and use:
  • Creekside Park off Miller Avenue, 
  • Orion Way and it's access path to the UP rail line; 
  • Scenic Circle near Blackberry farms.  


These three Cupertino locations  have open access for the immediate and general community and are models for future easy access/integration of our neighborhoods.

Check out the new  Walk-Bike Cupertino Website.
Please tour the new site - we hope it will be your go-to resource for all things bike and walk related in Cupertino!  And give us your feedback...    

You will find: 

A big thank you to the WBC team: Jian He, GJ Chen, Jennifer Shearin, Dick Blaine and Byron Rovegno for their great work on the website, school maps and safety content.


Walk-Bike Cupertino
Strongly Supports

  • Making Cupertino the Bay Area leader for Safe and Easy walking and biking;
  • Create direct bike-ped pathways;
  • Educate drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists on best practices and sharing  the road;
  • Embed bicycle safety training in our schools' curriculum;
  • Incorporate "Way-finder" signage, historical markers and points-of-interest into bike and walking pathways
  • Support the  $10M funding set aside   for  Cupertino's strategic walk-bike  improvements.

Thank you for your support and your actions.... your efforts have made a difference!
Your team at Walk-Bike Cupertino!  

See some of the recent improvements below: Safe Routes crossings
Stelling @ McClellan.  Finch leaving Cupertino High toward Main Street.... Stevens Creek Blvd toward the Blue Pheasant..
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