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Edition 66 / June 2021
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City of Fairfield Receives Huge Returns on Investment During Pandemic
The City of Fairfield has been a client of California Consulting for just over a year. Our partnership has successfully secured over $7 million and during a pandemic!
Not surprisingly most of their funding that has been awarded has been Emergency Covid Grants. The awarded Grant list is below:

Emergency Solutions Grant – Corona Virus 2 (CV-2)......................................... $3,500,000
Local Housing and Allocation Formula Grant...................................................... $3,500,000
Emergency Services Grant (Non-Competitive)...................................................... $113,142
Emergency Services Grant (Competitive).............................................................. $200,000
Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program..................................... $113,806
Continuum of Care, Emergency Solutions Grant for Rapid Rehousing..................$124,000
Emergency Solutions Grant for Emergency Shelter............................................... $200,000
Our grand total is $7,714,948 which is a 21530% return on investment.
Shasta Bell, Director of Communications states: "The City of Fairfield's foresight to hire California Consulting during this time proved to be a highly effective funding strategy. California Consulting grant writers did what they do best and the outcome has been phenomenal."
Woodlake Unified School District Has Combined Awards Reaching Over $1million
Woodlake Unified School District is a model example of what California Consulting can do for you over time. WUSD has been a client for 1.5 years and has an 1113% return on investment.

WUSD's projects have been funded through various sources from federal, state, to private foundations. We contribute this success to our on-the-pulse knowledge of funding sources for our clients and a concise and professional grant application. The awarded applications are below with the project it funded.

These projects are great examples of what specific grants can accomplish to complete your vision goals. A complete award of $776,772 plus WFRC that has a cost estimate of $393,009 puts our grand total at $1,169,871.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District: New Alternative Fuel Vehicle Purchase 
Amount: $76,410
Funding for four electric gators from Lawrence Tractor and a Toyota Prius through Visalia Toyota.
First 5 Tulare County Three-Year Operating Grant
Amount: Approx. $393,099
Funding for SafeCare Program serving 0-5-year-olds and pregnant women and families.
California Dept. of Justice Youth Tobacco Grant Program
mount: $154,780
24-month funding for an additional.75 FTE SRO to conduct tobacco enforcement.
Toshiba Foundation Classroom STEM Grade 6-12
Amount: $27,332
Funding to repair Bravo Lake greenhouse and conduct hydroponics lessons.
Department of Education Rural Tech Project
Amount: $100,000 for initial implementation and $100,000 prize at the end.
Funding for Aviation Program and distance learning curriculum.
SBHSN Telehealth Student Support Recovery Grant
Amount TBD (up to $250,000 for five years of counseling services for Woodlake High and EOP programs.
Justin J. Watt Foundation
Amount: $2,239.10
Funding for baseball equipment.
Woodlake First 5 Tulare County Capital Grant
Amount: $40,000 
Funding for resurfacing the Kress Preschool play yard to replace wood chips with rubber fall surfaces covered in synthetic turf material.
U.S. Dept. of Justice COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP)  
Amount: $126,011
Funding for 50 security cameras, site licensing, 10 radios, Response alert system, Raptor VM software, training, shipping, and installation.
Amazon Future Engineer + BootUp Elementary Computer Science Initiative
August 2020
Amount: TBD
Funding for math PD for teachers to integrate CS. 
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California Consulting Securing Funding for Clients
The City of Stockton Receives $1,040,000 from San Joaquin Council of Governments for CMAQ Grant
CC congratulates the City of Stockton (a CC client) for receiving the Congestive Mitigation Air Quality Grant in the amount of $1,040,000 from the San Joaquin Council of Governments.

This most recent accomplishment is another example of the commitment of the City of Stockton's leadership to promote the quality of life for its residents.

It’s also a reflection of the dedication and hard work of CC Project Manager, Ashley Ramsey who ensured a successful grant application.

Thank you, Ashley Ramsey, and congratulations to the City of Stockton.
CC Client Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Receives $1 million for Prop 8
CC congratulates the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District (a CC client) for receiving Prop 8 Funding in the amount of $1 Million from the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy.

This most recent accomplishment is another example of the commitment of RSRPD's leadership to protect and promote fire safety for its residents.

It’s also a reflection of the dedication and hard work of CC Project Manager Ashley Ramsey who ensured a successful grant application.
Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District.
Los Banos Unified School District Receives $605,400 for the CDE Learning Communities For School Success
CC congratulates Los Banos Unified School District(a CC client) for receiving the Learning Communities for School Success Program in the amount of $605,400.

This most recent accomplishment is another example of the commitment of LBUSD's leadership to promote the quality of education for its students.

It’s also a reflection of the dedication and hard work of CC Project Manager, Ashley Ramsey, who ensured a successful grant application.

Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations Los Banos Unified School District!
City of Oroville Receives $508,000 for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
The City of Oroville Receives $508,000 for the Hazard Mitigation Program Grant

California Consulting is pleased to announce the City of Oroville (a CC Client) has received $508,000 for the Hazard Mitigation Program Grant (HMPG) funded by FEMA.

City of Oroville's leadership and vision for a more safe and secure community prompted our Senior Project Manager, Ashley Ramsey to write the award-winning application.

Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations to the City of Oroville.
Honorable Mentions
California Consulting recently participated in the MMASC Virtual Conference which was a huge success. California Consulting was among the topmost watched vendors at the conference. Thank you MMASC for a hugely successful conference, we are honored to have participated.
On the Horizon
CalTrans: Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant Statewide Cycle 6                  

Deadline: TBD – Should be released Late 2021 or Spring/Early Summer 2022

Amount: Minimum funding request is $250,000 (Non-infrastructure projects, Safe Routes to Schools projects, Recreational Trails projects, and Planning projects are exempt from this and may apply for smaller amounts).

Match: None required

Eligibility: cities, counties, county transportation commissions, regional transportation planning agencies, MPOs, school districts, and transit districts

CalTrans: Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Cycle 11

Deadline: TBD – Should be released late Spring/Early Summer 2022

Amount: $100,000 - $10 Million

Match: 10% of project cost

Eligibility: City, county, or a tribal government federally recognized within the State of California

Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Zero‑Emission Transit, School, and Shuttle Bus Program (administered by San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District)

Deadline: first-come-first-serve

Amount: Up to $400,000 per ZEV school bus

Eligibility: Public agencies in California

California Energy Commission: School Reopening Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Verification and Repair Program (SRVEVR)
Deadline: TBA

Eligibility: School districts and charter schools (LEAs)

Miriam De Loza Joins California Consulting as our Director of State Programs
California Consulting is pleased to welcome Miriam De Loza as our Director of State Programs which is a newly created position giving California Consulting. Inc. a hands-on presence in Sacramento with state agencies that dispense grant funds.

Miriam De Loza is based in Sacramento and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from CSU, Sacramento. 

Miriam’s professional experience includes working for the State of California and the private sector in accounting and finance.

Miriam began her career with the California Prison Industry Authority and held various roles within their Inventory Management Unit. She then transitioned to the California High-Speed Rail Authority where she joined the Budgets team and served as a financial analyst reporting on various federal grant and state funding uses. Miriam will oversee our relationships with California State Agencies.

In announcing the news, California Consulting, Inc. Communications Director Shasta Bell said, “This is an exciting announcement for California Consulting and our clients. With this new addition, we now have a stable and consistent presence with state granting agencies and others that impact grants at the State Capitol. We are thrilled to welcome Miriam and look forward to her providing updates to our clients on the latest breaking news regarding grant funding at the state level.”
Frequently Asked Questions WebSeries
Episode 9 has Arrived
California Consulting Project Manager Cecily Harris, answers the question "What Covid Funding is there for my city or school district?" " during episode 9 of our FAQ series. You can view this and other Frequently Asked Questions on our CaliforniaConsultingChannel on Youtube.

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Featured Municipal Grants
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Deadline: rolling

Amount: varies

Match: 25%

Eligibility: State agencies, local governments, special districts, and Federally recognized tribes. Some private nonprofit organizations are eligible consistent with 44 CFR §206.221and 206.434.

U.S. Department of Justice: BJA FY 21 Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program to Support Law Enforcement Agencies

Deadline: July 26, 2021

U.S. Department of Commerce: FY 2020 EDA Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs including CARES Act Funding

Deadline: There are no submission deadlines under this opportunity. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the publication of a new PWEAA NOFO.

Amount: $100,000 to $30 million

Match: Yes - Generally, the amount of an EDA award may not exceed 50 percent of the total cost of the project.

Eligibility: (i) District Organization of a designated Economic Development District; (ii) Indian Tribe or a consortium of Indian Tribes; (iii) State, county, city, or other political subdivision of a State, including a special purpose unit of a State or local government engaged in economic or infrastructure development activities, or a consortium of political subdivisions; (iv) institution of higher education or a consortium of institutions of higher education; or (v) public or private non-profit organization or association acting in cooperation with officials of a political subdivision of a State.

Fresno Council of Governments: Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) 2021-22

Guidelines Adopted Date: June 24, 2021

Deadline: September 17, 2021

Amount: Distribution: CMAQ funds are distributed and split to Fresno COG local agencies by competitive funds (70% of available funds), known as regional bid, and formula (30% of available funds), known as lifeline funds. Regional bid funding is awarded to projects through a competitive process as further described in these guidelines. Lifeline funding is distributed to Fresno COG’s Local Agencies based on population and can be used at the agency’s discretion.

Match: Most federal projects require a local match of 11.47%. CMAQ lifeline funds may be used as a local match.

Eligibility: CMAQ funding is available to Fresno COG’s member agencies, Fresno County school districts, and Fresno County public transit operators.

Featured Educational Grants
California Department of Education: Specialized Secondary Programs (SSP)


Deadline: September 10, 2021

Amount: Up to $100,000

Match: No

Eligibility: Local educational agencies

MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation

Deadline: Continuous – Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Board of Directors

Amount: Up to $150,000

Eligibility: Nonprofits, public schools, municipalities, MLB Club, or American Indian Tribe. Board is looking for innovative and creative ideas to increase baseball/softball opportunities for youth (20 and under), related experience, committed staff, financial stability, a business plan to attract other funders, helping underserved youth.

Dollar General: Beyond Words

Deadline: Ongoing

Amount: $10,000 to $20,000

Eligibility: Public schools with existing libraries prior to a disaster. Must be within 36 months of a disaster and within 20 miles of a Dollar General store. See eligibility for further details.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Deadline: June 25, 2021 (two deadlines released annually)

Amount: $2,500 to $50,000

Eligibility: 501c3 organizations in specific markets

Client Spotlight:
Alum Rock Unified School District
Alum Rock Union School District is our client spotlight for the month of June. The Alum Rock Union Elementary School District is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Santa Clara Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alum Rock is a family-oriented community committed to its children and schools.

Alum Rock schools are neighborhood schools with parent involvement, community support, English classes, and health outreach services that contribute to school improvement. Standards-based instructional materials and immaculate campuses make Alum Rock schools a fine place to work, grow, and learn.

The Alum Rock staff is committed to high expectations of achievement by delivering effective instruction that results in outstanding student performance. Alum Rock's leadership has a clear vision for the district and has partnered with California Consulting to procure funding for the Learning Communities for School Success Program. California Consulting wrote the winning application for $1,376,4000.
Team Member Spotlight:
Esther Landin
California Consulting is pleased to spotlight our Project Manager, Esther Landin.

Esther Landin is a Workforce & Economic Development professional with 10 years of experience developing and implementing workforce preparation and career pathways programs in order to reduce the middle-skills gap, decrease the unemployment rate of youth and young adults, and increase access to education, training, and employment for individuals with barriers to employment and education as a means for upward social mobility, achieving social justice, and equity. 

She has consulted for nonprofits, adult education, community colleges, community-based organizations, government agencies, as well as private entities to create a strategic and comprehensive wraparound workforce development and career services system that helps individuals enter career pathways in high-demand industries. She has presented about and written on various Workforce Development topics on serving special populations including youth and young adults, formerly incarcerated, immigrants, and individuals with disabilities.

She has previously served on nonprofit boards and participated in numerous industry advisory committees. Her experience also includes grant writing, monitoring and compliance, organizational planning, employer engagement, human-centered design, curriculum development, and distance learning. 

In addition, she is a certified Gang Intervention Specialist, Offender Workforce Development Specialist, certified in Career Pathways Leadership as well as CTE Support Staff Project Management, and is a New World of Work 21st Century Employability Skills Certified Instructor. 

She earned her Associate of Arts degree from Los Angeles Southwest College, her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and her Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix. 
New Clients
California Consulting is honored that the Pathways, NAWBO CA Education Fund,     
California Homebuilding Foundation, San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians, Stillwater Treatment, City of Orinda. and the Novato Fire Protection District has asked us to provide grant writing services. We look forward to collaborating with them to help transform their vision into their legacy.
California Consulting is honored that Kern High School District and Coachella Valley Unified School District have renewed their contract. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services.
Contact our Representatives in Your Area
Ventura County
Ventura County cities, school districts, special districts, and nonprofits are encouraged to contact Senior Consultant, Francine Castanon, for assistance with information about upcoming grants.

Please contact Francine at
Bay Area/ Northern California
Bay Area and Northern California cities, school districts, special districts, and nonprofits are encouraged to contact Senior Consultant, Stephen Sanger, for assistance with information about upcoming grants your entity may be eligible for.

Please contact Stephen at or 510-866-6454.
Kern County
Kern County cities, school districts, special districts, and nonprofits are encouraged to contact Senior Consultant, Matthew Park, for assistance with information regarding upcoming grants.

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