On Earth Day in April, we began a three part segment in our 2021 newsletters talking about environmental stewardship and what Hydra-Tech Pumps contributes to these efforts. Environmental responsibility is something that Hydra-Tech Pumps is always working on. From the offices to the manufacturing floor and machine shop, we are constantly looking at our processes and waste stream to see what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment. Here are some of the things Hydra-Tech Pumps does on a regular basis to protect the environment:

  • We properly dispose of glass waste generated by our blasting process. Using crushed glass in our process instead of sand is actually safer for our employees as well.

  • We have replaced 70% of the old tube style fluorescent lighting in our manufacturing space with energy saving LED lighting. The fluorescent tubes are being returned for proper disposal and the old fixtures are in some cases being recycled / repurposed. We will replace all of the fixtures as time and resources allow.

  • In the new 8000 square foot addition to our plant, we have high efficiency heaters to warm the space as well as low energy / high efficiency lighting in place.

  • We recycle all of the cardboard boxes that come into our facility (as well as the packing materials in the boxes). Most boxes are shredded to be used as packing materials for our outbound shipments of product to customers. What we don’t shred goes into the single stream dumpster for recycling.

We like to think of ourselves as the character Jeff Goldblum plays in the movie Independence Day. Trying to save the planet one aluminum can at a time.