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Thank You, Smile Champions!
gena fogarty- southern glazers
Thanks to Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits support during National Children's Dental Health Month, Future Smiles has been able to supply hundreds of essential dental hygiene supplies to Nevada's children.

And, the leader for this event? Gena Fogarty, the newly dubbed VolunCheer of the Year! Learn more about Gena and Southern Glazer's:

Why does Southern Glazer's support Future Smiles?
Southern Glazer’s Wine, Spirits & Beer of Nevada supports community efforts that align with National Awareness initiatives. When planning out community outreach for 2020, I noticed February was National Children’s Dental Health Month. This is when I found Future Smiles and immediately reached out to plan our future partnership. 

What message do you have for others who may be considering supporting Future Smiles?
Dental hygiene is so important to our overall health, so educating our youth and providing preventive care gives those kids the boost of confidence they need. Plus, a Smile Bag packing event doubles as a team building opportunity!

What makes you smile?
Hanging out with my family, having belly laughs with my girlfriends and listening to great music!
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Super Tooth Sammy Answers Your FAQ
@Mason (aged 8) asked, "What teeth am I going to lose next?"

Usually around eight years old, you'll lose your baby lateral incisors. Those are the ones right next to your two front teeth!

But no worries! By next year, your permanent ones should be moving right in.
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Working Together with Nevada Hand
Partnering with Nevada HAND this past month, we've been able to host back-to-school events, providing treatment and care for over 2,000 teeth!

Be sure to follow us on social media to see what other adventures we've been up to.
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Future Smiles is determined to end oral pain and suffering among NV's neediest children by partnering with the community to deliver essential preventive, restorative, and educational services.