This month's Smile Dose is dedicated to the memory of a son of Las Vegas and a special soul, Bryan Artmann. May he continue to brighten the smiles of our city's children.
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Eve Didn't Know It, But She Could Have Lost Her Smile
Danger sometimes lurks out of sight, hidden deep in the roots of a child's jaw. With regular dental exams and X-rays, health hazards can be found-and treated-before becoming a problem.

Eve had a scary lesion at the base of her front teeth. Left untreated, it would have caused pain while eating, led to expensive treatments, and Eve would have lost her smile.

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to acquire a Digital Panoramic X-ray (that's a mouthful!) that caught the lesion right away!

We were able to refer Eve to a specialist, one of our community partners, Nevada Health Centers, ensuring Eve can continue to smile beautifully and brightly.

For the patient's privacy, Eve is a pseudonym and the photo is from creative commons.
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Super Tooth Sammy's Fact Check
Did you know that poor oral health can lead to other health complications like cardiovascular disease or stroke?

Good oral health is all a part of a healthy heart, body, and mind!
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Happy Dental Hygienists Week!
Much appreciation and gratitude to our dental hygienists! These ladies embody the Smile Maker spirit, always helping to educate and treat our patients while providing excellent service. 

The photo above was taken prior to the establishment of the World Health Organization's coronavirus guidelines.
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Future Smiles is determined to end oral pain and suffering among NV's neediest children by partnering with the community to deliver essential preventive, restorative, and educational services.