April, 2024

Dear Friends,

April 7th marked World Health Day and seventy-six years since the founding of the World Health Organization. It is also the day each year we recognize HVO community members who have made extraordinary contributions to our mission and to the advancement of global health. This year, we are pleased to honor Drs. Michael Martin, Margaret Nakakeeto, Prakash Neupane, Kelly Smith, Mr. Andrew Babu, and Mr. Hansjörg Wyss with the HVO Golden Apple Award for their commitment, dedication, and remarkable efforts on behalf of our global community. These individuals embody the spirit of HVO and have worked tirelessly sharing their gifts and expertise where they are needed most.
Each year, the WHO chooses a theme for World Health Day, and this year’s theme is “My health, my right.” HVO believes that quality health care is a right – a right that every human on our planet is born with and one we work every day to champion. There is still a lot left to accomplish: the WHO found that in 2021, 4.5 billion people lacked access to essential health services and two billion faced severe financial hardship when paying for care. That is more than half the world’s population denied their right to quality health care. In the face of the magnitude of the problem, I am heartened by how much energy, consideration, and collaboration I see from this year’s group of Golden Apple honorees and from everyone involved in our many programs.
Congratulations to our 2024 honorees and thank you for all that you do for health care rights!

April Pinner, MSPH, RD
Executive Director
Volunteering Opportunities
Internal Medicine, Phnom Penh, Cambodia is recruiting in-person volunteers with expertise in any topic. Interested volunteers should contact Natalie Cary.
Internal Medicine, Uganda is recruiting in-person volunteers with expertise in any topic. Interested volunteers should contact Natalie Cary.
Oral Health, Laos is recruiting clinical general dentists for in-person placements. Interested volunteers should contact  Lauren Franklin.
Pediatrics, Cambodia is recruiting in-person volunteers with expertise in any topic, with a particular need for pediatric cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and nephrologists. Interested volunteers should contact Natalie Cary.
Guatemala map
Rehabilitation, Guatemala is recruiting physical therapists, speech language therapists, or occupational therapists for a team trip between August 10-25, 2024. Spanish speaking volunteers are encouraged to apply. Interested volunteers should contact  Emily Dalton.
The Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation (HRF), in partnership with the Faculté des Sciences de Réhabilitation in Haiti, is recruiting guest faculty to teach two virtual courses in their PT & OT bachelor’s program. HVO is looking for two volunteers, one to teach Musculoskeletal Conditions from May 20-31, 2024 and one to teach Physical Agents Modalities from May 27 – June 7, 2024. These are two-week intensive courses requiring 3 hours per day of lecture. Curriculum and teaching materials are provided. PTs and OTs with a master’s degree or higher are encouraged to apply. Interested volunteers should contact Emily Dalton.
We Want To Hear From You!
Are you an HVO volunteer with a story to tell? We are always looking for stories, big and small, to share on our social media and HVO blog. If you have something you would like shared, please contact Danielle Stonehirsch.
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