We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, public,  Human-Animal Studies Facebook group . Almost 500 people have joined within the two weeks since going live, and members have already populated the group with relevant and interesting posts and discussion. 
Because interest in social media has edged out the email listserves popular ten years ago, this new group replaces and extends as an interactive space our HAS Yahoo listserve, which we closed early this year. The group is designed to fill the need for a network for sharing information and promoting research, accomplishments, jobs, events and activities related to the multifaceted and complex relationships that exist between human and other animals.
The scope of the group is global. We recognize that human-animal relationships vary widely around the world, and that people in the group will hold very different personal beliefs about these intersections. This group welcomes a range of posts from its members. Discussion and debate are highly encouraged! At the same time, we recognize that human-animal relationships are complex and rooted in particular historical and spatial contexts. Because of this our concern there is not with judging other cultures’ practices by our own personal or cultural standards, but rather with investigating the broad contexts in which they exist. 
Please  join us there , share HAS-related information, and spread the word!