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Check out our latest animated video on supporting AMI operations, read our whitepaper on navigating complex AMI procurements, and understand why Util-Assist is a great place to work.
SyncAssist for Sync Success
When utilities deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), data flows between the meter-to-cash systems and needs to be accurate and kept in “sync.” Each day there are synchronization exceptions, data collection exceptions, stale meters, tampers, invalid time flags, usage spikes, swapped meters, and more. And if there are delays, the exceptions can quickly pile up and affect revenue.

Util-Assist has been helping utilities simplify AMI operations since 2009, ensuring meter-to-cash operations continue without interruption so that bill-ready data is delivered accurately and on time. We’ve rebranded this service as “SyncAssist” and expanded our offering to include a full turnkey AMI operations centre. Check out our new SyncAssist animated video.

If you’re looking to improve your AMI performance, resolve issues faster, improve visibility, or just free up your staff, contact us for a complimentary consultation.
Our latest whitepaper explores how to navigate the complex choices that utilities face to procure a first- or second-generation AMI solution. AMI revolutionized the utility industry by replacing manual meter readings, enabling two-way communications, and improving customer service. While AMI was ground-breaking 15 years ago, the technology has evolved to address the challenges of utilities today.

Next generation AMI forms the foundation of a new digital future for utilities—a future that enhances the customer experience, delivers operational efficiencies, supports conservation and renewable energy goals, drives advanced analytics, and enables smart city initiatives. Approaching AMI in a strategic and deliberate manner will ensure that your utility deploys a solution that will serve the needs of your business and your customers for years to come.

Our People Make Us Great!
We always knew we were great, but now it’s official: Util-Assist has been certified as a Great Place to Work! Our awesome work culture is thanks to the engagement, collaboration, and passion of our staff. The survey, administered by the Great Place to Work®, was based entirely on what our employees say about their experience working at Util-Assist, and the results validate Util-Assist’s hallmarks of mutual respect, honesty, and trust. Find out more.

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Util-Assist’s solutions merge technology with strategy to streamline processes, boost productivity, enable data-driven business decisions, and deliver enhanced customer experiences, transforming how utilities operate and deliver value to their customers. With professional services and managed services for electric water, and gas, utilities rely on our high-performing teams to help them drive digital innovation that shapes the utility of the future.

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