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Second Quarter


Latest Healthcare News

We are dedicated to providing you with the latest news, updates, and insights related to healthcare staffing and the industry as a whole. Here's what's happening:

  1. Rising Demand for Healthcare Staff: The demand for healthcare professionals continues to surge due to various factors, including an aging population, advancements in medical technology. Facilities across the country are actively seeking skilled and qualified healthcare workers to meet the growing needs of patients. This presents numerous job opportunities for healthcare professionals in various specialties. Check our Career Portal for available opportunities across the US at
  2. New Staffing Strategies: Healthcare organizations are adopting innovative staffing strategies to address the staffing shortage and we are part of their strategy!
  3. Travel Healthcare Staffing: Travel healthcare staffing is gaining momentum as healthcare professionals embrace the opportunity to work in different locations and gain diverse experiences. Travel nurses, therapists, and other allied healthcare professionals can enjoy competitive compensation, flexible schedules, and the chance to explore new cities while helping to alleviate staffing shortages in areas with high demand. We have a robust travel nursing department! Call us today - 737-7TRAVEL or 737-787-2835 or visit our Career Portal for your next exciting travel assignment!
  4. Retention and Well-being: With the current staffing challenges, healthcare organizations are prioritizing the well-being and retention of their existing staff. Strategies such as offering competitive salaries and benefits, and creating a positive work culture are being employed to attract and retain top talent.
  5. Technology in Staffing: Technology continues to play a vital role in healthcare staffing. Platforms and apps are being developed to streamline the hiring process, connect healthcare facilities with qualified professionals, and provide real-time staffing solutions.
  6. Legislative Updates: Stay informed about any legislative changes that may impact healthcare staffing. Changes in regulations, licensure requirements, and immigration policies can influence the availability of healthcare professionals and affect staffing dynamics. Keeping abreast of these developments will help you stay prepared and adapt accordingly.

Remember, your dedication and expertise are crucial in delivering quality healthcare to patients. Stay informed, continue to learn, and make a difference in people’s lives every day!

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the healthcare industry.

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When it comes to healthcare staffing, safety is of paramount importance. Here are some key safety considerations to keep in mind:

1.    Infection Control: Healthcare facilities should have comprehensive infection control protocols in place. Staff members should receive proper training on infection prevention measures, such as hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and adherence to isolation precautions.

2.    Hazard Communication: Healthcare staff should be educated about potential hazards in the workplace, including hazardous chemicals, biological agents, and radiation. They should have access to safety data sheets (SDS) for all chemicals used in the facility and understand how to handle, store, and dispose of them safely.

3.    Ergonomics: Healthcare work often involves tasks that require repetitive movements, heavy lifting, or prolonged standing, which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. It’s important to be mindful of how to properly implement these tasks. Staff should be encouraged to use proper body mechanics and take regular breaks to avoid strain.

4.    Violence Prevention: Healthcare workers may face situations involving violence or aggression from patients or visitors. Healthcare providers should be clear about protocols about how to manage such incidents. Staff should be trained in de-escalation techniques and should have access to security personnel when needed.

5.    Emergency Preparedness: Healthcare facilities should have emergency response plans in place to address various scenarios such as natural disasters, fires, or active shooter incidents. Staff should be familiar with these plans, including evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and roles and responsibilities during emergencies.

6.    Psychological Support: Working in healthcare can be emotionally challenging. Staff are encouraged to seek help if you experience emotional distress.

7.    Staffing Levels: Adequate staffing levels are crucial for maintaining a safe working environment. Insufficient staffing can lead to increased workloads, fatigue, and errors. Healthcare facilities should ensure appropriate staffing ratios and monitor workload regularly to prevent burnout and maintain quality care.

8.    Training and Education: Ongoing training and education programs are essential for healthcare staff to stay updated on safety practices and new developments in their field.

9.    Reporting Systems: Staff should feel comfortable reporting any potential hazards or safety issues without fear of reprisal. Should you sustain an injury while working, it is required that you report it to your NURSES Etc STAFFING (NES) supervisor immediately. If your injury requires immediate attention, seek help first and then notify your NES supervisor as soon as you can safely do so. Failure to notify NES could result in your medical bills not being covered. 

10. It is our intention that you work in a safe environment.

It is important to note that specific safety requirements may vary depending on the country, state, or healthcare setting. Local regulations and guidelines should always be consulted and followed to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards.

Aidan Abreu, Social Media Coordinator for DME, has been busy creating an impressive Intranet for the company.

It is a great way for our corporate employees to stay connected with the latest news and information about the company and co-workers, etc.

If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure you do soon!

AI In The Workplace

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has revolutionized the workplace, transforming the way businesses operate and employees perform their tasks. This powerful technology encompasses a range of applications, from advanced data analysis to automation and machine learning. Here's a short synopsis of AI's impact in the workplace:

  1. Automation: One of the most significant impacts of AI in the workplace is automation. Repetitive and time-consuming tasks that were once performed by humans are now efficiently handled by AI-powered systems. This has led to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and the ability for employees to focus on more strategic and creative endeavors.
  2. AI algorithms can process vast amounts of information, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights that help businesses optimize their strategies and operations.
  3. On the employee side, AI-driven learning platforms offer personalized training and skill development opportunities, leading to a more skilled and engaged workforce.
  4. Ethical Considerations: The integration of AI in the workplace also raises ethical concerns. Issues such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, and job displacement need careful consideration. Companies must navigate these challenges responsibly to ensure that AI benefits both the organization and its workforce.
  5. Future Implications: The continuous development of AI promises even more significant transformations in the workplace. From AI-augmented creativity and problem-solving to human-robot collaboration, the future of work will likely be shaped by the seamless integration of AI into various industries.


Word of the Year in 2013: Selfie

While selfies have been around since early MySpace and Flickr days – many featuring teenagers taking self-portraits with low-pixel cameras in front of poorly-lit bathroom mirrors – selfies are now commonplace not just among young people but even adults, eager to share self-portraits on social media sites. The action of taking selfies has been commonplace for a number of years, but it is in 2013 that the word itself has gained broader traction, being coined the ‘word of the year’ by Oxford Dictionary. From Kevin Rudd to Barack Obama, 2013 was definitely the ‘Year of the Selfie.’

-McCrindle Research

Quote: "The nicest think about teamwork is that you always

have others on your side"

-Margaret Carty, Director of Maryland Library

Associate and Navy Veteran

April is Fiesta Time in San Antonio! It is a two week long celebration across the city. People enjoy parades, delicious food, exhibits, and lots of pageantry! Business and individuals create fun and crazy hats to wear to events and then there is the famous Fiesta Medals that businesses and individuals sell and trade throughout the celebration. Trading Fiesta medals is a big deal in San Antonio and each year there a few that are coveted above others!

Donald L. Mooney Enterprises designed our very own Fiesta medal during the 300th year of this famous celebration in 2018. Pictured here.

We held a Fiesta Hat contest for our corporate employees for a chance to win a gift card. Gloria Holt took the top prize!


Christine Arden


NES Travel


Maersk Villamar


NES Government Services

Ming is Maersk's Sweet Kitty!

Not taking work too seriously here!


Kudos were submitted for Brenna Pieczynski for completing and submitting a very detailed and critical report ahead of schedule!

Way to go, Brenna!



Nominees for Kudos

Aidan Abreu

Gloria Holt

Layla Adams (x2)

Flor Richards

Matthew Flores

Nina Lowe

The winner is.....Layla Adams

Congratulations, Layla!

Great Job!

Field Employees

April Birthdays

Elaine Amos

Tarita Basanta

Myranda Broadwater Diosbel Brooks Martinez Dafphanie Burgess

Lisa Francis

Chelsey Funderburk Lindsey Gerdom

Lorretta Gipson

Ashleigh Harris

Carolina Hector

Edwin Hollis

Zoe Jones

Cindy Jules

Michelle Klupp

Kimberly Krist

Alexandria Kufas

Virginia Lindsey

Lauren MacDonell

Robert Mahoney

Vi-Ann Maneja

Lynette Maynard

Katherine McCrossen

Deborah Mounce

Harsh Nanda

Margie Natividad

Diana Nelson

Sirila Ntandu

Elizabeth Phelps-Edwards Kathleen Read-Niles

Riccardo Reeves Jr

Christine Reisdorph

Margot Roberts

Casandra Rosales Katherine Simmons

Arleen Solivar

ByGina Stone

Laura Sutliff

Mary Taraskiewicz

Sydni Vaughn

Bridget Walker

Marisha Wallace

Shanae Washington Alexandra Wilson

Olga Zuyev

May Birthdays

Muna Abadir

Sheamarie Ahlstrom

Regina Alongi-Huslig Danielle Altman

Fabian Aspeitia

Ronnie Barker

Ampofo Bediako

Evan Boullosa

Don Brazelton

Trent Brown

Jessica Brown

Elise Douglass

Natalie Engel

Caryl Farley

Megan Franasiak Emmanuel Galega

Bobby Gray

Toni Gross

Olimatu Habib

Wanda Harrell Mitchell Evelyn Hinojosa

Wayne Hoye

Nuntaya Jiras

Debra Jones

Kristin Martinson

Tameika Mathews

Ray Mathis

Kimberly McCarthy

Madelyn McRae

Jenica Naraine-Sirpilla Kaitlin Peterman

Deana Piper

Rebecca Popiolek

Cynthia Ralston

Aubrey Reynolds-Erspamer Jirene Sarmiento

Storm Shannon

Sydney Sherwood

Casey Smith

Julia Smith

Dianna Taylor

Robert Thomas

Mary Varias

Peri Walker-Roche Kimberly Wedinger

Shauna Wittke

June Birthdays

Pamela Best

Renee Boyle

Tishika Bruno-Hill

Desiree Bustamante Jennifer Cheney

Alice Claggett

Stacy Combs

Kayleigh Driscoll

Natasha Dykes-Ford Sabrina Englehardt Rebekkah Fulton

Oscar Garcia

Alan Gatward

DJ Gross

Vanessa Hardaway Antoinette Hardie

Angelica Holliday

Gloria Huss

Amanda Khons

Cassie Laney

Heidi Lee

Ashley Lee

Yvette Loredo

Rosario Martinez

Shenita McCrary

Rachael Metzger

Victoria Miller

Everlena Moore-Clayton Byron Muse

Patricia Ndubueze

Angela Newsome

Elizabeth Pena

Alice Prats

LaJonna Randolph

Jessica Reteguis Katherine Russell

Brianna Soler

Morgan Swain

Alicja Swistak

Aloysius Tanyi

Test Supervisor Tester Whitney Thompson-Harner Courtney Thomson Sarah Vito Cassidy Warren Paula Waslicki Tina Wilson-Pifer Zeyun Zhuge


Muna Abadir

Kelia Anderson-Schaeffer Yaw Asiedu

Angelica Bautista

Pamela Best

Stefanie Boers

Sheila Brazell

Myranda Broadwater

Alice Claggett

Marcia Coley

Jerick David

Rosemary Davidge

Erick Douglas

Emma Elame

Natalie Engel

Sabrina Futrell

Emmanuel Galega

Lindsey Gerdom

Mariela Gonzales

Bobby Gray

Scott Griffith

Makala Handley

Charles Janga

Janna Kohler

Kara Lawrence

Carla McKay

Brittany McNeil

Loriann Mendez Torres Velonda Murray

Christopher Nelson

Kaitlin Peterman

Patricia Powell

Haleigh Puckett

Linda Raser

Andranik Reid

Jessica Reynolds

Gabriella Rivera

Casandra Rosales

Susan Rosen-Padilla Gloria Ross

Ellen Sampson

Anne Sanner

Casey Smith

Brianna Soler

Edwina Spence

Jennifer Veo

Sarah Vito

Olga Zuyev


Charmain Anderson-Cover Ivan Barboza

Sarah Barraza

Holly Bass

Shannon Bellows

Don Brazelton

Felicia Camarillo

Jaimi Conwell

Verkisha Davis

Jodie Ellis

Chelsey Funderburk Denise Glasscock

Latonya Glencamp

Janell Green

Vanessa Hardaway

Amy Howard

Gloria Huss

Devan Johns

Natasha Johnson

Sheila Jones

Heather Kernan

Alexandria Kufas

Sherry LeDoux

Linda Lee

Mary Lesseig

Yvette Loredo

Tameika Mathews

Ray Mathis

Allyssa MacAfee

Rachael Metzger

Angela Newsome

Sirila Ntandu

Jonathan Pace

Alexandra Phillips

Deana Piper

Alice Prats

Precious Reeves

Christine Reisdorph

Alicja Swistak

Valerie Trevino

Saturday Ugbo

Alexander Vukshich

Seija Wainwright

Travis Winston

Janell Womack


Adedoyin Adekoya

Kim Baker

Kaitlyn Baker

Ampofo Bediako

Sabrina Blanchard

Charley Blunt

Chase Brown

Kayleigh Buzzard

Jamie Cantin

Evangeline Chapman Debra Chepan

Edmond Cisneros

Tanya Clark

Misty Cochrane

Erwin De Guia

Alexis Delgado

Glenda Dennison

Godfrey Ferrer

Chelsea Fox

Megan Franasiak

Lisa Francis

Oscar Garcia

Christopher Gibbs

Eduard Gindin

Donna Gonzalez

Ashley Guerra

Tiffanny Hawthorne

Callie Hemby

Evelyn Hinojosa

Kelly Holland

Michellyn Keitt

Amie King

Daniel Kizzee

Jasmine Kono

Janna Lanciaux

Heidi Lee

Joseph Mallett

Kristin Martinson

TaMartra McDow-Williams Linda Mensah-Awuku Victoria Miller

Patty Moore

Byron Muse

Diana Nelson

Amanda Oncza

LaJonna Randolph

Kiara Rivera

Margot Roberts

Heather Rogers

Brooklyn Rollins-Taylor Neal Smith

Irene Stephanitsis

Lalaine Stricklan

Mary Taraskiewicz

Nicole Taylor

Kris Tourangeau Treysheionne Track

Mary Jane Tuvera-Takemoto

Heather Velasquez

Chelsea Villareal

Marisha Wallace

Cassidy Warren

Shanae Washington

John Wood

Javon Woodard



Alfonso Robalin

Lisa Santos


Laurice Ele

Eilaina Hambrick

Liedy Harkness

Gloria Holt

Sarah McClellan

Lauren Ranquillo

Jordan Schroeter

Brenna Pieczynski


Layla Adams

Jennifer Avila

Rebecca Martinez

Michael Thomas



Leeanna Allen

Neftali Estrada

Jenna Rackley


Jennifer Avila

Nina Lowe

Brenna Piecyzynski

Jenna Stevenson

Jordan Vargas


Tracy Low

Hillary Robertson

Lisa Santos

Ina Steadman

Valerie Vazquez

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