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November 2021
Christmas in November
Holiday Helper
You saved all year, and now it's paid off. If you have a 1st Cooperative Holiday Helper account, your funds transferred into your savings or checking account on November 1.

If you had your Holiday Helper savings transferred to another financial institution last year, we already have your financial institution information on file. If you wish to transfer to the same financial institution on Nov. 1, simply confirm its name by completing this form, and we’ll do the rest. Your funds should be available by Nov. 8.

These short-term savings accounts, sometimes known as Christmas Club accounts because they help you save for the holidays, are an easy way to save.

Don't have a Holiday Helper account? Get a head start on Christmas 2022 by opening one today right here.
Sticking to a budget is a good bet
budget savings
If your savings are shrinking and your credit card balances are growing beyond your plan, it may be time to review your budget, according to advice from a financial advice columnist.

1st Cooperative members who save for holiday spending through a Holiday Helper Account are using a handy tool for planning ahead, and a spending plan is just what a budget brings. With Holiday Helper Account funds being dispersed this month, now is a good time to do a self check.

Maurie Backman writes of three actions that may apply to you if your spending is out of whack: You're saving less each month than you used to, you're racking up credit card charges you can't pay off in time, or at least one of your fixed bills has risen.

A budget only works if it "accurately reflects your expenses and lifestyle," writes Backman. "If any of these factors apply to you, it's time to sit down with your personal finances...and make changes as needed."
Need a loan? 1st Co-op can help.
Lisa Rice Johns
When Lisa Rice Johns needed a loan to buy her next car, she turned to her friends at 1st Cooperative.

"This was the third loan I've gotten with the credit union," said Lisa, who's an administrative assistant at Fairfield Electric Cooperative. "I had one auto loan a long time ago, and a camper loan, too."

What Lisa liked most about her most recent loan experience was the convenience. "I didn't have to leave the office. Also, the people are so very nice and easy to work with."

1st Cooperative staff are ready to work with you, too. To get the loan process started, visit the website or call them at (803) 796-0234.

Pictured in photo: Lisa Rice Johns with her new Cadillac SRX