October News

“We are a covenant-based community with fair, balanced and consistent standards.

We are focused on the preservation and enhancement of our tranquil mountain environment, lake and recreational amenities.”


In This Issue: End of summer events. Clubhouse Hours Change, Boats out, Pike Update, Thank you Volunteers, Snow Contractors, Beware of Bears, Fall Maintenance, 15MPH, Sauna Work In Progress, Parking Restrictions, STR Fee Changes Proposed, Tree removal Deadline Extended.

Labor Day Regatta

Saturday, September 2nd, 10am

The fun begins at the office beach. Bring your watercraft for a friendly race across the lake and back. (No advance sign-up required) All homeowners are welcome to come out and cheer them on. Races will be grouped according to age and type of craft. A special shout out to Sara and Ed Reif for organizing this event. Owner Badge Required.

Kayak on lake

Annual Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, September 3rd, 9-11am

It's a Columbine Lake tradition you don't want to miss. Our griddles will be going at 9 am at the Gazebo, behind the clubhouse! In addition to our secret recipe pancakes we will be cooking up scrambled eggs and sausage. We will also be serving Bloody Marys and Mimosas for the adults, coffee and OJ will be available. (ID required for wristbands) Not too late to sign up. This is usually a well-attended event. Helpful hands are always appreciated. Owner Badge Required.

Columbine Lake Kid's Beach Day And Ice Cream Social

Sunday, September 3rd, 11 am - 1 pm

Join us at the Columbine Lake beach/office area for summer games and an Ice Cream Bar to put the last cherry on summer!

Activities to include: Corn Hole, Spike Ball, Badminton, Volleyball, Board Games and Crafts.

Kids 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult. For safety reasons, there will be no water activities.

*Rainy Weather Location - Columbine Lake Clubhouse*

CLCC Homeowner badge required at check-in.

kid crafts
kid corn hole
clubhouse pool

Clubhouse Hours

Change After Labor Day

Labor Day marks the end of summer. Hope everyone had a good one.

Wednesday, September 6th, our clubhouse will go on our fall-winter schedule, listed at the bottom of this newsletter. Our summer hours remain in place until then.

Friday 9/1 and Saturday 9/2 -12pm - 8pm

Sunday 9/3-10am - 6pm

Labor Day Monday 9/4- 12pm - 8pm

End of Season Boat Removal Deadline is October 31st!

Remember to remove your watercraft from the lake shore and all boat racks must be cleared prior to 10/31/23.    Any vessels remaining lakeside beyond that date will be removed by CLCC personnel.  A fine of $50 will apply as well as a $25 per month storage fee until vessel is reclaimed. (Owner's Regulations: Article XIII, Section 13.01)

Thank You

Cheers To Our Volunteers!

Once again we have been able to run our summer events, thanks to all the amazing volunteers. We sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication to make these events possible.

"The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others." DeAnn Hollis

Pike Update: Numbers Are Down

Looks like our "Get Paid To Fish Program" might be paying off for all of us. Last year our September total for northern pike caught and removed from our lake was 58. Our ice fisherman brought in an additional 8, bringing the pike total to 66 for 2022. The total to date for 2023 is down from last year by more than half, with a total of 25 pikes reported to the office. So, we're either doing a great job of fishing them out, or we're fishing less. Remember that our program runs year-round, at $20 per pike. Younger pike may have less pigment, making them more difficult to identify. Identification signs are posted by the lake, but when in doubt, just keep it out. Keep up the good work Columbine, and just keep fishing!

How to identify a Northern Pike

pike 1
dumpster bear

Recorded from our trash camera 8/6/23

bear 2

Getting Ready to Hibernate

It's that time of year when our bears will be looking to fatten up for the long winter's nap. Remember to secure our dumpster door after use, contain your household trash, keep your grill as clean as possible, and never feed any wild animals. Our black bears are by nature, not aggressive. But please always give them adequate space. Click below for more information on what to do if you come face to face.

How to scare off a black bear.

Fall Home Maintenance List

  • Annual cleaning and service of fireplaces
  • Annual cleaning of furnaces
  • Replace furnace filter
  • Clear gutters of leaves and pine needles
  • Weatherstrip doors
  • Check and repair caulk around windows
  • Test snow blower and make sure you have gas
  • Test Heat Cable
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
  • Clean and cover or put away patio furniture
  • Line up driveway snow removal services

A Need For Less Speed!

15 MPH Please!

Safety. We must all remember that there are children, wildlife, and pets in the community, and our roads are particularly dangerous due to the lack of sidewalks and street lights.

Keeps your HOA dues down. CLCC roads will not washboard, get potholes, or otherwise deteriorate as fast when speeds are less than 15 MPH.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to not only follow the rules and regulations, but inform your family, guests, and renters.

Parking Restrictions

A reminder that there is no parking allowed on Columbine roads, right of ways, or any community property. This includes the shop and horse pasture. Parking is allowed at the clubhouse only during clubhouse hours of operation. No overnight parking is allowed at any time. This regulation ensures safe passage for emergency vehicles in the event someone in our community needs assistance. Owners are responsible to make guests and renters aware of these restrictions.

 Reference: Owner's Regulations/Article x/Section 10.01

no parking
sorry sign 1

Sauna Work To Be Completed Soon!

If you've been to the clubhouse the past month, you may have seen our ongoing remodel of our sauna. As every handyman knows, nothing ever goes as smoothly as planned. But we will be up and running before the snow flies, just in time for ski season. Thank you for your patience.

dead pine

Tree Removal Deadline Extended!

Tree cutting removal deadline for dead and diseased trees has been extended until the spring 2024. We thank everyone who has been working hard to remain in compliance. Keeping owners personal property free of this fire spreading issue remains a top priority in our community. Details will follow in the coming months. A list of local arborist services can be found on our website.


Short Term Rental Fee Increase To Be Proposed

If you would like to comment on a potential increase in Short-Term Rental fees, please send an email to The Board is seeking input from members who do not rent their homes as well as those who do. The current fee is $100 per year. A proposed increase would offset costs such as trash and staff time to register, manage and troubleshoot rentals as needed. The Board will hear comment at the September 9th meeting and vote on a proposal in October. 

Snow Removal Contractors

pick up with plow

Chris Atencio - 303-915-4596

(Mainly west end of neighborhood)

Craig Cranston - 970-531-8842

(Mainly east end of neighborhood)

MattReed-Tolonen- 970-531-0179

CLCC cannot guarantee the contractor’s performance and the owner should perform his or her own due diligence inquiries, such as contacting former clients of each contractor to see what their experience has been.

All Volunteers Must Sign A Waiver

We now have an organized electronic system to volunteer for our community events. This system lets you know specific duties that are still in need of your help. Once you have filled out the form, a standard liability waiver is emailed for you to sign. This is an important step that our association attorney requires. Again, Thank You for volunteering your time.


All Pets Must Be Leashed

We have seen numerous violations recently to our leash restrictions within CLCC property. The only exception to this rule is if your dog is swimming, while hanging around the lake or walking on community roads a leash is required at all times. Please review Owner's Regulations: Article XVII Pets, Section 17.02 Class 2 Violation $125 fine will apply.

Clubhouse winter

Back In The Day.... (1969) This postcard served as an advertisement for lot sales in our community. This was the original clubhouse with an outdoor pool which was enclosed just a few years later for more year-round use. An extensive roof redo occurred in 1991, which is what we see above the pool to this day. A long time resident recalls the day; "The photographer wanted someone on the diving board for the photo. I wore a snowmobile suit between takes, and had to wear flip flops because the board was covered with ice." That little 14 year old Janna Sampson. In case you were wondering, Janna confirmed that she definitely did not jump in.

Office Hours

For In Person Visits

Monday - Friday 1pm - 4pm 

Closed Saturday - Sunday 



Clubhouse Fall- Winter Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4pm - 8pm

Saturday 12pm - 8pm 

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Closed Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Lap Swim - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 9am-12pm, 

Sunday 9am-10am