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The Jesus in Love Newsletter covers LGBT saints and the queer Christ, with an emphasis on visual art and books.  Cutting-edge artists, authors and theologians are introduced.  

The LGBT Saints series expands the meaning of holiness with a diverse group of contemporary and historical figures on appropriate dates throughout the year. 
Readers call it "inspiring"

“Very well written, well researched and always wonder-filled.”  -- Br. Mark D’Alessio

“Truly a light in the darkness for gay Christians.” -- Alison Amyx, editor

“Tthe most radically progressive and life affirming Christian LGBT site on the Internet.”-- Ernesto Borges Torres

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About Jesus in Love
Jesus in Love promotes artistic and religious freedom and teaches love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  

Editor Kittredge Cherry is passionately committed to Jesus in Love because it grew out of her own personal journey as a lesbian Christian author, minister and historian.   More info
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