You're analyzing hospice surveys, budgets, and plans for 2018.

You ask questions.
You look for solutions.

You see the people:
patients, families, and professionals.
You see them collectively and individually.

It's so gut-wrenching, you try to stay focused on the data.
Today, your hospice faces ...
Shorter Lengths of Stay With
Higher Acuity
Less Time With
More To Get Done
Less Reimbursement With
More Admissions Needed to
Meet Your Budget
More Patients In Higher Crisis
For Less Time With Tighter Resources

Examining national CAHPS data, it strikes you that primary CARE-GIVERS rated hospices at only 72% for training them to GIVE CARE . *

In most schools, a
72% score = C-
(Just above a D+ ?)
*National CAHPS Hospice Survey data, click here for Measures and National Averages (Mean).
Putting your data head into a caregiver's shoes, you think:
A Caregiver's Shoes
"If I felt like I'd been trained to only a "C-" to give the most important kind of care to a most important person in my life, how would I answer those CAHPS overall ratings?"
Using any number from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst hospice care possible and 10 is the best hospice care possible, what number would you use to rate your family member's hospice care?

Would you recommend this hospice to your friends and family?

Today, people learn in real time.
Yes, in conversations when your professionals visit.
Yes, families expect 24/7 information. What they need. When they need it.
Yes, families look for info on their phones, tablets, and computers.
Yet, if not on your site, families will find what they need, anywhere.
Even if that source is your competitor.

You ask, "Don't we want our patients' families to come to us, FIRST,
as their resource for the training they need, when they need it?"
"But, how can we put the pieces together in a new way for TODAY?"
  • For our primary caregivers and their families?
  • How can we provide so much training for different family members who take turns giving care to their loved one?
  • How can we make it timely when there's so little time?
  • Make it relevant to what matters most to them?
  • Keep it engaging?

And, how can we use our training materials as a springboard for our all-important conversations with and support from our hospice's professionals?
Composing Life Out of Loss
has prepared 24/7, online
hospice care education for your patients' primary caregivers and family members .

From You. For Them.

For Their Best Experiences
With Their Loved One
With Each Other
With Your Hospice

We're adding 10 new videos for primary caregivers--correlated to the CAHPS Hospice Survey Questions--to our Family Support Through Serious Illness Online Video Library.

These new videos are designed to ...

  • Raise caregiver awareness to CAHPS issues during active patient care; not after the death, when it's too late

  • Foster targeted, timely conversations and problem-solving between the primary caregiver and the professional care team

  • 30 Family Support Videos

  • +10 New Primary Caregiver Videos

  • For mobile devices and computers
Interact Up Close and Personal
When Distance Is Long and Time Is Short
HIPAA Compliant Web Meeting Technology
  • With caregivers, family members, and team members during active patient care
  • NOT for replacing in-person visits, but to strengthen teaching, conversations, and problem-solving
Engage, Educate & Support With 13-Month Memberships

What 24/7 grief education resources do you have in place for caregivers and families, between the death and 3 months when they answer the CAHPS survey? For their year?
Videos: Want to Understand Your Grief?

HIPAA Compliant Web Meetings

Portal to Interactive Grief Care
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You're analyzing solutions for 2018.
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