Dear Members and Friends of the YANA Community:


We are excited to invite you to YANA’s 10th Anniversary Virtual Gala on Tuesday, November 10th at 6:30pm EST. All are invited -- no Yale or YANA affiliation required!

Joining us will be organization honorees, special thanks and congratulations from Yale and YANA community members, and surprise entertainment from some of Yale’s rising stars. We will share the link to the special Gala website page in the coming weeks.  

We need your help and financial support so YANA can continue to provide the community, resources, and connections we have spent ten years building. There are many levels at which you can give; every dollar helps. Sponsors will be listed in all Gala marketing materials and on the Gala video home page

Your support helps sustain the quality programming and community-building and support for which YANA is so well known. YANA has continued to bring meaningful discussions and expertise to a wide community, helping those in the social impact field. We have also been at the forefront of social, economic, and racial equity championing leaders like Dr. Ivy Taylor ‘92, the former first Black mayor of San Antonio, TX, and now first female president of Historically Black College, Rust College, challenging the U.S. philanthropy structure, and providing a platform for young social justice innovators
The first $5,000 of donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of Board members and anonymous donors.


** Every donation at $250 & above will receive a thank-you gift tin of sweet treats from Havenly
(valued at $25 + shipping)
Thank you for being part of the YANA community and for doing the work that you do. By harnessing the power of the wider Yale alumni socially-minded and mission-driven community, we can make the world better for everyone.

With deep gratitude,

Rachel Littman '91, YANA Executive Director
Newest video from YANA intern, Charlotte Hylinski '21
YANA offers its programming — free of charge — with the goal of being accessible to the widest possible audience. If you have found any value from being a part of the YANA network, and/or from attending our events and webinars, please support YANA today by purchasing a ticket or donating through the 10th Anniversary Gala link.
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