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Volume 5, Issue 9 | September 2016

I feel grateful when something I share, either in person or via the written word, is helpful to others.
I received an email from a long-time client who found the August newsletter article about the differences between spirituality and religion helpful. She said it "...really struck a chord with me because it help me to explain and put in sentences I could understand, what I have been feeling all my life." She went on to explain a bit further. I was both fascinated and surprised at the impact the article had had on her.
We just never know when and how we might make a difference in someone's life - sometimes for a moment, sometimes for a lifetime.


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Inspiration and Contemplation
Where is There Love?
Paramahansa Yogananda's gifts included being a poet and songwriter. The first time I attended the Self-Realization Fellowship, the page in the booklet Cosmic Chants opened to this song. It touched me so. You can listen to an instrumental version on youtube.

Where is There Love?
In this world, Mother, no one can love me.
In this world, they do not know how to love me.
Where is there pure loving love?
Where is there truly loving me?
There my soul longs to be.

- Cosmic Chants, Paramahansa Yogananda

8 Things Your Soul Wants You To Remember!
It's easy to forget that the soul is not separate from the body. But our bodies play such a crucial role in our existence. In reality, our bodies are simply the vehicle through which we navigate the physical world. Our souls are constantly communicating with us in a way that's every bit as real as our bodies.
Here are 8 of the concepts your soul communicates with you on a daily basis.
1. You are right where you're supposed to be
No matter how bleak or unexpected your circumstance may seem, you are exactly where your soul needs to be at all times. Everything happens for a reason and there are lessons in every difficulty that your soul is yearning to learn. So take a deep breath and glean what you can from your surroundings.
2. Nothing lasts forever.

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People Helping People
Laundry Service for the Homeless
It is not only touching to learn of so many people helping homeless folks, but to see the creativity and innovation that arises from seeking to be of service.

I realized only yesterday that according to the calendar, autumn is officially here. My taking notice of it passed me by. But now I'm conscious of it and have taken delight in seeing that the leaves on the trees are starting to change color, the air is cooling off once the sun retreats, and, of course, Halloween costumes and candy are on display!

Spring is my favorite season, but autumn is a close second.

I invite you to take a nice, deep breath and let the cool air refresh your senses...

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