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Ship & Shore's Global Environmental Takeover
November 2019 Press Release

"We have aggressive and ambitious goals for the industry and this new market," says Ship & Shore CEO in regards to her company's newest petrochemical project in Thailand.

October 2019 Press Release

As the new manufacturing facility in the region, Ship & Shore China offers the same capabilities as its U.S. counterpart, including rights to Ship & Shore technologies.

Photographs of Anoosheh (President & CEO, SSE) and our Asia Sales Team at the grand opening and signing ceremony of Ship & Shore China to inaugurate the new manufacturing facility.

This inspiring article by Paul Heney captures the accomplishments, ideals, and philosophies our President & CEO, Anoosheh Oskouian has gathered through the years as a Woman in Engineering.

"Engineers should be taught that a mistake does not mean failure, but rather the contrary - a mistake means a lesson learned and one step closer to success." - Anoosheh Oskouian

In this Los Angeles Business Journal article, author Howard Fine discusses the ongoing overseas tariff issue with Anoosheh and how it served as a catalyst for the opening of Ship & Shore China.

“With the tariffs, we can no longer import equipment to our Chinese clients without a major additional cost, so we decided we needed a manufacturing plant in China. No more shipping back and forth."

Selection of an enclosed combustion solution is a complex process that involves various environmental and operational requirements that are unique for each application.

Selecting the correct equipment translates into decreased capital and operational costs by preventing over-designing or under-designing the equipment.

Written by Anu D. Vij, COO of Ship & Shore Environmental

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