Everything you need to know about My Safe Florida Home

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You may qualify for up to ten thousand dollars of free government money that can be used towards a new roof, hurricane windows, or other hurricane safety upgrades. Here is all the information you need to know about the My Safe Florida Home current program, as well as the program expansion that will be going into effect in the coming months. 

The Florida legislature created a new program in 2022, called My Safe Florida Home. The program has two primary functions:  

  1. Provides eligible Florida homeowners, free of charge and with no obligation, a home inspection that identifies the current hurricane resistant features of their home and recommended improvements to further strengthen their homes against hurricane winds. 
  2. Provides qualifying Florida homeowners within a defined area of the state with a matching grant to perform specific wind mitigation improvements recommended by their free program inspection to strengthen their home against hurricanes and to save money on their wind insurance premiums. 


Who is eligible to receive a hurricane mitigation inspection?  

Any Floridian whose primary residence is a site-built, single-family, detached home is eligible to apply. (A 'site-built' home is a residence constructed at its permanent location.) 


Who is eligible to apply for a mitigation grant? 

The following criteria will be used to approve grant applicants: 

  1. You must have applied, been approved, and have received a free home hurricane inspection through the program 
  2. You must provide proof of homestead exemption. If you need assistance obtaining a copy of your homestead exemption information, please confer with your local Property Appraiser or Tax Collectors Office.  
  3. You must provide documentation that your home is insured for less than $500,000 and have ready a copy of your current property insurance declarations page. 
  4. The home must be located in a wind-borne debris region of the state. To see if you are in a wind-borne debris region, click on this link, enter your home address, and see what it says under Category II. (Most of South Florida is in this area.) 
  5. The initial building construction permit for the home must have been issued prior to January 1, 2008. 
  6. The home must have undergone an acceptable hurricane mitigation inspection after July 1, 2008. 
  7. Homeowners must allow the home to be re-inspected after construction work has been completed. This re-inspection is provided at no cost by the Department of Financial Services through the program. 


How much can I receive through the grant process?  

The Legislature has authorized homeowners to receive up to $10,000 for the actual cost of the mitigation project. The program will provide $2 in grant funds for every $1 the homeowner provides. If for example you want to update your house with a $15,000 project, you have to put down $5,000 of your own money, and the state will pay the other $10,000. (Note: You have to pay the entire $15k, but then will receive $10k back from the state.)

Additionally, if you are a low-income homeowner and you meet all the requirements listed above, you are eligible to receive a $5,000 grant, even without having to pay any money of your own. So instead of a matching grant, you can get a regular grant.  

A low-income homeowner is someone who earns less than 80 percent of the median income where he/she lives. To see a list of all counties median income, click here and look at the 80 percent tab.  


How can I spend the money? 

The money can be used towards improving the strength of your roof deck attachment, improving the survivability of your roof covering, creating a secondary water barrier to prevent water intrusion, improving windows, and improving exterior doors. Click here for a complete guide on how the money can be used. 

What are the new changes from the 2023 legislative session? 

There are five main changes from the 2023 legislation session. The expansion currently passed both the House and Senate, and is waiting for the governor’s signature. Assuming that he signs it, the new changes will go into effect on July 1st 2023. Here are the main changes: 

1. Currently, to receive grant, the house must be insured at under $500,000. The threshold will now rise to $700,000. 

2 Any home will qualify, in any area, instead of just homes in wind--borne debris area qualifying.

3. It will no longer be necessary for the home to have had a hurricane mitigation inspection since 2008. 

4. Townhouses will be eligible as well. 

5. Low-income families will get $10,000 instead of only $5,000, without having to match any money of their own.  

How can I find out more about the program? 

For a list of Q and As on the program, click here.

Where do I sign up? 

To sign up, visit the My Safe Florida Home site by clicking here

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Rabbi Moshe Matz

Rabbi Avrohom Luban