May 2020
Giving Tuesday
Thank you to everyone who gave during our COVID-19 Giving Tuesday campaign. We are delighted to report donations of just over $4,000! As many predict, the real impact of the pandemic and its effect on the mental health of us all is yet to come. Read how we're preparing .
Screen Time
With long hours in front of computer screens, tablets, smartphones, and televisions, find out what you can do to protect your eyes .
Calming Shower Bombs
Long days and remote offices leaving you feeling sore and stressed? Find out how to make your own essential oil shower bomb.
Call-in Services (formerly Walk-in)
Our services are operating normally through video and telephone conferencing while our offices remain closed until further notice. Group sessions are suspended for the time being, and we’ll let you know when they will resume. Learn more about our Mount Forest, Guelph, and Fergus call-in clinics.
Developmental Services
Since the beginning of the pandemic and the closure of our offices to the public, we have continued meeting with clients in certain cases and increasing remote communication with various modes of technology.  Read more about the success we're having.
Distress / TeleConnect Lines
Volunteer Week was an immense success this year, and we had many members from the community connect with us about our Distress and TeleConnect Lines. Learn how you can volunteer.
Final Word
We've seen many changes since late 2019. How we work, live, feel, and interact with each other is in a state of flux and may remain this way for some time.

Here at FCSSGW, we want to assure our clients, partners, funders, and the community that we will continue to advance our service delivery options, work with others to find solutions, and remain committed to providing the essential services that Guelph-Wellington needs. Call us, and we'll connect you with the right service in the right place.

As this year's Giving Tuesday theme reminds us, it's about togetherness. We're in this together. Together we give. Together we heal. Together we're strong.