Whether you live in Sunnyvale, go there for the occasional dinner, or just pass through it, the quality of the walking and biking infrastructure the city develops over the next 10 years will impact all of us.

The City of Sunnyvale is kicking off a year-long effort to create an Active Transportation Plan that will address bicycle, pedestrian and Safe Routes to Schools needs throughout the City. A survey is one of the first steps in this plan--and your input is needed.

The Active Transportation Plan will help the City strategically invest in programs and projects to make walking and bicycling safer and more convenient for residents. In addition, the Plan will analyze ways to make it safer for Sunnyvale students to walk and bike to school.

Please provide your input on the Public Input Map and Survey by Wednesday October 16, 2019.

Happy walking and biking,

Your friends at Walk-Bike Cupertino
Working to make it safer and easier to walk and bike