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Our Topic

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy:

 FDA Designated Breakthrough Therapies, Emerging Trends, the Nature-Connection, and Revolutionary Clinical Implications

About the Event

Join veteran CEU provider Susan Weston McMillan, LMHC, CAP for an amazing 9 day private retreat with the opportunity to earn CEUs in the revolutionary science of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy in spectacular Montezuma, Costa Rica.

We have exclusive access to the entire 18 room luxury resort, ensuring the utmost privacy, the chance to connect with colleagues, and the optimal learning environment for this unique experiential and educational event. This is truly a therapist's once in a lifetime opportunity.

About the Venue

This event will take place at Aves Luxury Hotel and Resort, located on the southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, in a National Geographic "Blue Zone" (where people normally live to be over 100 years old).

Perched in the jungle overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it is still only a short walk up from Montezuma's world famous waterfalls, the secret tide pools, the golden beaches and the quaint downtown shopping district.

Dates Times

9 days, 8 nights

June 8, 2024 3:00PM thru June16, 2024, 11:00AM

All-inclusive starting at $5995

Room Accommodations and Cuisine

Aves room

All rooms/villas are elegantly designed and custom built to the highest standards, offering tropical luxury at its finest. All are equipped with a king sized bed option, kitchenette, WiFi, TV, air conditioning, coffee, refrigerator, pool access and large deck. 

Three delicious gourmet, locally sourced meals per day at our pool side restaurant are included.

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What's Included:

  • Up to 25 CEUs taught live and in-person by nationally recognized speaker Susan Weston McMillan, veteran Board-approved provider for mental health professionals, domestic violence advocates and addiction professionals for over 30 years.
  • Luxury accommodations at a world-class magnificent resort 
  • Amazing gourmet meals prepared daily by our onside chef: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with locally sourced delicious food. Able to accommodate special diets, vegan and gluten-free options
  • Three pools, sprawling jungle views and magnificent ocean views
  • Ground transportation to and from local Tambor airport
  • Walk to secret tide pools known only to locals
  • Wildlife encounters, including awakening to the sounds of howler monkeys
  • Walk to Piedra Colorado, the legendary colored stone beach said to be blessed by Indian spirits
  • Fire dancing and aerial silks performances presented by local artisans 
  • Free morning exercise high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) classes taught by Platinum recording artist Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method
  • Morning yoga on a mountain top with 180-degree ocean view
  • Healing Sound Journey on beachfront shala, overlooking the ocean
  • Sacred cacao ceremony

Special Opportunity


Spa Services

Onsite Spa with hot stone massages and full range of health and beauty services.


Option to participate in excursions such as:

  • Jungle Zip-lining
  • Horseback riding
  • Surfing/surf lessons
  • Fishing / Scuba diving Snorkeling
  • Guided glass-walking
  • Tortuga Island snorkeling, lunch and boat tour
  • Immersive gong bath / sound blessing
  • Horse Spirit Healing


"I'm leaving profoundly changed..."

(Watch reviews for more details!)

"...Amazing! Pioneering work, exciting and wonderful presentation! This class has been far more than we could have hoped for."

' ~Hollis Wenzel, LMFT

"...I'm leaving profoundly changed - physically, spiritually, psychologically, with a network of life-long friends to continue dialogue. It was priceless, honestly." ~Christopher Garcia, LMFT, MAC

"...I learned tons coming's been a really great, connecting, eye-opening experience. I literally have chills right now as I'm saying it..."Leanne Dyche, LCSW, LPC

 "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be on the cutting edge."

Dr. Diane Rogers, PhD, LPC

"This has been such a life-saving experience for me...

taught with passion, intent, and purpose."

Patricia Maliszewski, LPC, NJ

"If you're wondering whether to invest in this class...It's totally worth it!" 

Hollis Wenzel, LMFT

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"It was priceless, honestly." 

~Christopher Garcia, LMFT, MAC

waterfall from a distacne.jpg

Connect with us in an awe-inspiring setting that will have the power to change the nature of your practice.

Why Learn About Psychedelics

It is no understatement to say that we are at the precipice of a revolution in psychotherapy. Not since the introduction of SSRIs in 1987 has our profession been presented with a such game-changer for clients suffering from mental health conditions, and the timing could not be more crucial. Anxiety, depression, suicide and opiate deaths continue to climb, despite our best efforts as therapists.

Could ancient healing medicines used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years find their way to prominence in today’s mental health profession?

brain connections in color.png

This summary graphic image depicts the neural connections in the brain without (left) and with the psychedelic substance Psilocybin (right). The image demonstates “neural sprouting,” similar to what happens to a developing fetal brain, or neuroplasticty. New connections are formed, translating to new perceptions, and in the proper context with a trained therapist, new insights, and a even a new world view. Imagine the psychotherapeutic (and even societal) implications!

It is happening now, both underground and with the sanctioning of the FDA, with the class of substances commonly referred to as PSYCHEDELICS.

Click Here to Read Full Course Description and Objectives
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montezuma beach.jfif

Relax with us in Montezuma, Costa Rica

as we dive into 

a new era of psychotherapeutic challenges and transformational solutions.

Be ready with the knowledge and skill to assist clients and diversify your practice as these breakthrough therapies come to market.


Psychedelics are now being tested in clinical trials as a treatment for:

  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Nicotine dependence
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Cluster and migraine headaches, Chronic pain
  • Autism
  • Anxiety disorders including those 
  • related to life-threatening illnesses.
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anamaya sunset hammock.jpg

Join us in paradise

for the dawning of

a new era of psychotherapeutic challenges and transformational solutions.


Placebo-vs-MDMA-compared to placebo.png

MDMA, a psychedelic “party drug” outlawed in 1985, has recently been granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA for its use as an adjunct to psychotherapy in treating PTSD. Now in Phase 3 clinical trials, 83% of clients who underwent MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy no longer meet criteria for PTSD compared with 25% of the placebo.

psilocybin mindfulness vs placebo.png

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, also has Breakthrough Therapy designation. Studies show that, combined with specialized therapy, psilocybin is effective at relieving emotional and existential distress at end of life for 65-85% of terminally ill people.

Ketamine statistics.png

Ketamine, now legal in all 50 states, is a psychedelic medication which is being used successfully for treatment-resistant depression when all other forms of treatment have failed. Depression and suicidal ideation resolve rapidly and dramatically, with results more likely to be retained when combined with psychotherapy from a knowledgeable and informed therapist.

These are just a few of the breakthrough therapies that will be evaluated in this fascinating course.

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Why Earn Your CEUs Susan McMillan

Susan McMillan, LMHC, CAP is the Executive Director of Affordable Counseling and the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Co-Founder of the FL Psych Laws and Rules Consortium and has been a Dept. of Health Board-Approved Provider since 1993. As part of Florida Continuing Education and a 5 star CE Broker provider, Susan McMillan, has been helping licensees with required courses and interesting seminars, both live and online, for almost 30 years, Riveting, entertaining, and incredibly knowledgeable, see why over 20,000 therapists have placed their trust here for their licensure and renewal CEU requirements.

You can read reviews here.


"What an incredible lecture. You are amazing." Sarah Vanderbilt, IMH, Broward County, FL

“This course was ground-breaking. It deserves national consideration. Incredible, risky, brave and informative.” Joseph Bolduc, LMHC, Miami Dade, FL

"Every moment of this presentation was awesome." Andrea Dawkins, RMHCI, Miami Dade

"Keep up your great presentations! I always learn so much in a fun, relaxed and entertaining way." Mary Lou Johnson, LMHC, Manatee County, FL

“This course is an incredible experience! Take it!” Jacqueline McCollum-Bridges LMHC, Lake, FL

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lsd brain mri.jpg

LSD - This brain scan, with eyes closed, shows the areas of the brain lit up where sight is registered. LSD allows for an increase in communication between brain networks that normally do not commnicate. In essence test subjects can "see" with their eyes shut. Subjects report lasting changes in well-being as a result of seeing things, including traumatic events and unhealthy behavioral patterns, in a whole new way.

aya brain cells.jfif

Ayahuasca - The plant medicine used by cultures in the Amazon for thousands of years is now being studied by modern scientists who are finding that not only is ayahuasca safe, but it is remarkably effective at improving quality of life and reducing psychopathology scores. One mechanism of action is the creation of new brain cells, as demonstrated by this in vitro study. The green shows the creation of new neurons when components of ayahuasca are applied in a cell culture. Think of the implications for traumatic brain injury and Alsheimers.

Students who take this course will stand ahead of the curve as the next wave of scientific discoveries regarding

the brain and human behavior emerges.

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Rooms assignments are first come first serve.

*Special opportunity to participate in experiential event:

The Psychedelic Experience and the Role of the Therapist: Ancient Healing Plant Medicine Ceremony from a Psychotherapeutic Perspective


Call or email any time.

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VIP Prices

are per person and include:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • 3 gourmet meals per day plus snacks
  • Ground transportation to and from local airport
  • 20 CEUs plus access to additional 5 CEU experiential course
  • Live entertainment nightly from local artists and performers
  • Optional daily excursions and jungle to sea adventures
  • A few surprises...
  • and much more.

Balinese Suite with upstairs loft

starting at $5995

Chez Mu Luxury Villa

with private pool and ocean view

Starting at $5995  

Private Chez Mu Luxury Villa


with private pool, outdoor tub, sunrise deck and ocean view

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Family and Friends

Starting at $2995

If you would like to bring your friend/family members, each nonstudent guest may attend for an additional $2995. All-inclusive!

(Availability permitting)

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Your immersion adventure awaits you.


"It was priceless, honestly." 

~Christopher Garcia, LMFT, MAC

Covid-19 Information

As of April 1, 2022, the Government of Costa Rica has lifted all Covid-19 related entry requirements. Click here to learn more. As of June 12, 2022, proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is no longer required to re-enter the US.  Check with your airline or here for updated re-entry information.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that we are pre-paying to rent this entire resort for our event, therefore we must have an accurate count well in advance. If you cancel with at least 90 days notice in advance of the retreat, we will issue a 50% refund (minus a nominal processing fee.). Credit may be applied to any future retreat, seminar, live, readable, by zoom or online without expiration. In the event COVID causes international borders to shut down, you will receive a full refund. These 18 rooms and the amenities advertisare based on a first come, first served basis and space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

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CE Board Approvals

This course has been approved by

FL Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, & Mental Health Counseling, CE Broker #50-539

Florida Board of Psychology, CE Broker #50-539

Complimentary Approval by Oregon's Board or Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

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FL Council of Midwifery

FL Council of Dietetics and Nutrition

Approved Provider through the Florida Certification Board,

a member board of International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium which is accepted by the State of NJ

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