Each year the Graduate & Family Housing Team in coordination with the HDH Connect team conducts a resident survey which includes information about our operations.

This survey period you provided some great information about life here in Graduate and Family Housing and we began rolling out a lot of the suggestions and improvements that you made. We hope that you've seen improvement - but as always, if there are other things that are bothering you, don't hesitate to bring them to our attention!

This edition of " You Said. We Listened. We're Doing " will highlight some of the changes we've made around our neighborhoods.
Intercom picture
You said: "Give my homies in the OMS mail room a better buzzer!!!" & "Most of the time there are not any staff at OMS mail room, so we need to go upstairs and call for the staff"

We did: We got the team a buzzer with an intercom!

In addition, we committed to better staffing at the OMS mail-room. You should see a staff member in the package pick-up area much more often!
HDH FixIt logo
You said: "Fix-it requests seem to take a long period of time" & "Work orders are closed, but the work isn't done or completed correctly."

We did : HDH Building & Facility Services has hired 6 additional Maintenance techs for the Graduate and Family Housing area. These additional team members will reduce wait times for your items to be repaired.

If the work order is not completed to your satisfaction, call 858.534.2600 and let them know of the issue that remains. Finally, be sure to complete the survey that is sent out by the Building & Facility team when work orders are closed. Let them know if the issue isn't resolved - or let them know that they did a great job! You might even win a gift card for completing the survey.
You said: "There are a bunch of rusty, old, broken, hazardous toys left at the Mesa playgrounds that need to be removed so kids don't get hurt on them."

We did: We installed storage areas for toys that residents want to keep at the playgrounds. We've also posted signs that remind residents to keep the playgrounds safe by moving equipment out of play areas. We need your help to make sure old toys aren't kept in the playground areas. We encourage residents to donate any toys they no longer want, please don't leave them at the playground.
bike cage improvement
You said: "The bike cage at OMS building 2 is no longer secure. Various bike thefts have occurred from there. Raising the cage wall so that it is flush with the ceiling would mitigate this situation."

We did : The Building & Facility Services team raised the cage wall so that it is flush with the ceiling.
picture of mail
You said "Make mail package delivery system email directly as package is scanned (and not 2-3 hours later),"

We did: We worked with Mail Services to eliminate the delay from scanning to email. Now, you should get email notices within 15 mins of delivery for packages delivered directly to OMS, Mesa Nueva and The Rita.
You said "There are often laundry machines that are out-of-order and cause delays since all other machines are being used"

We did: Wash, our laundry vendor, has replaced 12 machines since January 2019 in the Graduate and Family Housing Communities. When you see a machine that is out of order, you should contact the Customer Service Center at 858.534.2600. We've also made sure that in the laundry rooms there are post-it notes indicating a laundry machine is out of order for you and your neighbors to post on a machine to say that it is broken and that it's been called in. Please call in the machines, don't assume someone else has!
Picture of the scrubbing machine
You said: " The corridors maybe could be cleaned at least once in a while."

We did: For OMS, our Custodial Team has purchased a ride on scrubber, for the corridors. At La Jolla Del Sol, we've started a program to power wash all of the stairwells in each of the buildings.

But, for this we also need your help! Please do not leave trash outside of your apartment. Also, when you are taking trash to the dumpster or trash chute, please make sure it is not dripping down the hall.
You said: "I wonder if Rough Draft Pub can have more snacks/beverages so residents could use them as a small store. Installing a vending machine can be an idea." & "I'd like to be able to study in the space during the day, when it's not open."

We did: Rough Draft has added some additional new snack and drink options. If you want a particular item to be sold, please let the bartender know! They are always looking for suggestions. We've also installed two new vending machines next to the conference rooms in the Cala corridor at Mesa Nueva.

The Rough Draft space is now open during the day for studying or lounging. Please keep in mind, that once they open, tables are for pub customers.

Rough Draft Pub is located at Mesa Nueva and is open everyday.
All of your feedback was shared with our partners and each of them are working to provide the best service possible, You should be hearing more from them about actions and improvements made because of your feedback.

Thank you for being a resident!
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