A Note from Scott and Marsha
March 12, 2020
This week's story is brought to you by our resident prankster, aka Landscape Designer, Doug Barnes:

I am not going to talk about plants today. I do enough of that everyday. No, today I will share about the day the otter came to For Garden's Sake....

The day started off like any other. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and it was another day living the landscape design life. I was running to appointments when I came across something unusual. Just off Stagecoach Road close to the water impoundment, there was a deceased otter on the side of the road... Yes, an otter! And a huge otter, at that. I have been in North Carolina for 32 years and have never seen one in the wild. Poor guy must have been struck by a car crossing during the night. 

So I did what any good friend would do and texted my friend who just happens to love collecting animal pelts (chill out, animal loving friends... he uses them for educational purposes). I told him about the otter, and he responded that he had to have it. I turned around and collected the furry fellow. He later texted me that he was so excited about the otter that he couldn't concentrate at work. The otter excitement had also come over me, because I knew that before the end of the day that otter was going to end up under Marsha's car.

The end of the day rolled around and I had managed to delicately place the otter just under Marsha's driver side door with its head poking out ever so slightly. I retreated to the office to enjoy the show and roll video. 

Marsha was packing up for the day and I had a great view of her car. It soon became apparent that I was going to have to wait a bit longer for the pay off, because apparently Marsha packs up for an hour before she actually leaves.

No, really, it takes her that long to say goodbyes to approximately 29 people, 16 individually named plants, a small nest of baby birds, and Scott (which I have always thought was strange because they live together...).  

Finally, the time came. She slowly rounded the front of her car completely oblivious. Once she reached her door, she looked down at her car keys and got a glimpse of our furry friend. She jumped about four feet in the air and let out a blood curdling scream. If the otter hadn't already been deceased, he would have likely died of being scared to death by Marsha's scream.  
By this time, I had amassed a small group of people to enjoy the event. It was hilarious. I am sure the payback is coming...but it was otterly worth it. Call me if you need some design work. I'd be otterly pleased to work with you!
Are you ready to get planting? For early spring color, Osteopermum, also referred to as 'African Daisies', are an excellent choice for spring color. The bright vibrant colors of this cool weather annual will add instant beauty to your garden or containers. They come in multiple colors and sizes. Deadhead spent flowers and they will continue blooming until the temperatures start to really rise. Plant where they will receive at least six hours of sun for the best performance.
Just in time for St. Patty's Day next week, we have lovely and dainty Oxalis in stock. While Oxalis is not an actual shamrock, they look very much like shamrocks. You can enjoy these beauties inside and then plant them outside to enjoy for years to come. If you decide to plant it outside, plant where it will receive morning sun and afternoon shade for best results. Enjoy the dainty flowers that are blooming now. Before winter, you will want to dig up the bulbs and store until spring.
If you need a shade-loving shrub with a pop of color, consider the Illicium 'Woodland Ruby'. The deep green foliage is evergreen and accented with adorable dark pink blooms that last from late winter through the early spring. Illicium are resistant to deer and heat-tolerant. They will grow to 8' by 8'. You can plant where they will receive dappled light or morning sun. Afternoon sun will be too harsh. They handle a variety of soil types pretty well, so they are a great choice for our area (and Doug's fave).
Friday, March 20, 10am-1pm
The foundation for a tree’s health and longevity is established the day it is planted. What better way to celebrate Arbor Day approaching than learning how to properly plant a tree. Join us as Rick Pearce, excerpt Arborist with Carolina Tree Care, teaches us to prepare a the site and to properly plant a tree to ensure its survival. You’ll also learn the techniques that are critical to maintaining the health of your tree, including watering and mulching. Join us as we plant a tree while learning from the best! This class is free, but registration is required.  Register here .
Presenter: Rick Pearce with Carolina Tree Care

GROW YOUR OWN MUSHROOMS , Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 6PM-8PM Click here for more information.

HAPPY HEALTHY HOUSEPLANTS , Saturday, April 4, 2020, 10AM-11AM Click here for more information.
Mark your calendars for a day full of spring fun! On Saturday, April 18 and Saturday, April 25, we will have our Spring Festival . The Garden Center will be fully stocked with all things green and colorful for spring planting. We will have food trucks, kids activities, and the bar will be open serving wine, beer, cider and spiked seltzers. Plan to join us!
Now is a great time to plant your spring veggie garden , and we have lots of fresh vegetable plants in the Garden Center to choose from. If you aren't sure where to start, check out this post about Early Spring Vegetable Planting .

Happy March, friends! There is a lot to do in the lawn and garden this month, so we put together a handy-dandy to do list for you.
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