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You Complete Us!
Hello Friends,

As Valentine's Day approaches, we want you to know how much we appreciate your love and support. Your notes, letters, calls, and all the many ways you support us, say your feelings quite clearly: you love our mission and our patients!

Our hearts are full every day and, to quote Jerry Maguire, "You complete us."

With gratitude,


Tina Fernandez Steckler
Executive Director
People with Purpose - a Pink Pajama Party!
Our upcoming People with Purpose Gala will be fun, festive and unique! Invitations with full details will delivered to mailboxes mid-February. Please remember, though, that registration this year is online only!

This fabulous Pink Pajama Party fundraiser will take place from 7- 8 pm Saturday, May 8th, via our YouTube Channel.

Every registered guest will be mailed a Pink Pajama Party Box filled with treats that will tickle tastebuds and soothe senses such as a Gel-Ohh! Rose Gelee pedi treatment, a pink satin sleep mask, and a cocktail (or mocktail) kit.

Be sure to register so you can enjoy your box from the comfort of your home in your pajamas! Event elements will include a live auction and honoring this year's HERS Awards winners:

Register today! Your $100 ticket fee includes access to our event and our exclusive Pink Pajama Party Box!

For questions about the fundraiser, sponsorships or in-kind contributions, call (510) 790-1911 or email tinaf@hersbreastcancerfoundation.org.
Farewell, Carlie!
Being part of the HERS Team is an opportunity to work with compassionate, knowledgeable individuals, learn new skills, and assist patients as they navigate their cancer journey. It is a job that calls to few yet we are fortunate to have had some very special individuals join our team!

One of our wonderful team members is Breast Care Specialist Carlie L. who joined HERS nearly five years ago. She was eager to work in a medical-related field and, and as Program Director Annette L. recently recalled about their first meeting: "there was just something special about Carlie."

As is sometimes the case, team members move on and it's time for Carlie to begin pursuing her nursing career in earnest. We held a farewell party for her recently and she's pictured here with a gift from coworker Debra S. It's a framed print with a beautiful Hippocrates quote: "Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."

Carlie shared that her time at HERS has been a wonderful experience. She states one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is "listening to patients' stories and being able to serve them with compassion."

Carlie's career choice was inspired by her mother, Tessie, who is a nurse, as well as the experience of caring for her grandmother. We look forward to watching Carlie's career bloom! Good luck, Carlie!
The Manta Planner
Breast cancer survivor Samira Daswani knows all too well how a diagnosis can challenge one's sense of control.

During her journey, Samira realized she needed a way to organize her treatment notes, track appointments and symptoms, and record her thoughts. Unable to find a journal specific to patient needs, she decided to create one.

Utilizing her design background, Samira developed the Manta Planner. A "cancer patient's treatment companion," the journal is a tool to help patients report to their oncology team, check in with themselves emotionally, and note daily thoughts, including gratitude.

Samira's medical team has praised her journal and she recently donated one to HERS for our free monthly raffle.The winner will be announced March 1st.

To find out more about the Manta Journal, visit https://www.thecancerdiary.co/
REMINDER: to keep our patients safer, we continue to provide curbside product pick up in cases where a re-fit appointment isn't necessary. Patients may also receive products by mail.

Our goal is to minimize health risks for our patients and our team. If you're interested in curbside pickup or mail service, please call (510) 790-1911 or contact info@hersbreastcancerfoundation.org.