#192, September 11, 2019

Looking for help in your last-minute party? (2½-minute video)

Let's talk about planning your last-minute party.

Especially about how to plan the perfect music.  

Want to do it well?  Let me give you a Tip.  

But First, Let Me Tell You a Little Story:

"Robbie, who's the best caterer for my 
New Orleans brunch"? 

I'm always receiving questions like this.

Thank goodness, I'm active in several 
networking groups.

You too?

Friends and colleagues who meet frequently.  
We get to know each other better and always
talk  about working together. 

And then, when it's appropriate, we also 
recommend each other to friends and clients.

Happens all the time in networking groups. 
Especially when we plan a last-minute event.

A few years ago I joined in a halloween party 
with two of my favorite networking groups 
in San Jose.

While I was introducing a "newcomer" to 
a long-time friend, a familiar face tapped 
me on the shoulder and asked me 
"Robbie, can I have one of your cards.  
I know someone who needs your help".

She's the concierge at a San Jose luxury 
condo complex.  Sure enough, a few days 
later I heard from one of her tenants, 
who included my trio in two last-minute 
holiday parties he was planning.

Why am I talking about last-minute parties?

This story is a great example of how to 
get help when you're planning your next 
last-minute event.

Something that could come up for  dozens 
of reasons.  Sky's the limit.  

Surprises happen all the time, and they 
often call for celebrating.

Could be tomorrow.  Could be next month.

Could be a friend is moving away suddenly 
and needs a "farewell" party.  Or perhaps a 
"welcome back" party when he returns.

Or when you win a contest or an award, 
so you invite a few friends and throw a 
"congratulations" party to celebrate.

Or when your department at work suddenly 
finds money in the budget and you decide 
to have a company holiday party after all.

Whatever your celebration will be, how can 
you begin planning right away?

One excellent first move is to ask an 
experienced friend to recommend 
a few great resources.

So here's that Tip I promised you:  
When you're starting at the last minute, 
contact several trusted professionals
(like my 
concierge friend did) and get
best recommendations.

Especially when you need a recommendation 
for wedding and party music.

Can you ask me?  

Yes!  I'm always glad to help.

And now that we're talking about 
wedding and party music...

Tailgate parties and Halloween are just ahead, 
and you might be involved with planning an 
exciting celebration soon.

And if you or a friend are engaged to get  married, 
you might also be involved with  planning the wedding.

Perhaps both. 

So the next time you or a friend   are looking   for 
upbeat, elegant music,  played the way you want, 
think of us.

Where can you can preview us?  Here: (RSVP required)

Thur, Sept 12,  5:30-8:00pm
"Fall Festival of Wine & Food"
The Winchester Mystery House,
525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose 

Sat, Oct 12, 6:00-10:00pm
"Bridge the Gap" Gala for "Hunger at Home"
San Jose Convention Center, 
150 W San Carlos St, San Jose

Reply or call 408-245-9120.  Let's chat soon.

Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"Elegant, Upbeat Music for Weddings and Parties"  
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