June 5, 2020
2020 Lake of Bays Association Yearbook is in the mail!

The 2020 Yearbook has been mailed and many of you are already enjoying this latest fabulous edition with features on the history of Langmaid's Island, everything you need to know about docks, a pictorial guide to local mushrooms and much, much more. As always there are association updates, news from around the lake and the membership directory. Starting on page 26, you will find the 2019 Photo Contest winners--WOW!
Many local businesses support the production of our Yearbook by advertising—thank you to all of them. Please support these businesses and let them know you saw their ad.
If you are a 2020 member and have not received your Yearbook  by the end of June , please contact us at .

2020 Annual General Meeting Update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have rescheduled the Association's Annual General meeting to Wednesday July 8 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom. In the coming weeks, we will send all members information on how you can participate in the meeting.

You will find the minutes of last year's AGM and audited financial statements on the LOBA website. Click here .
Water Levels on Lake of Bays

We often get inquiries from members about water levels. Although the Association has no control over the lake level, a recent inquiry to the MNRF yielded the chart information below and the following explanation of this year's water levels.

"The water levels for 2020 are indicated by the blue line, and we’ve also included water levels for 2019 in orange so that you can visually compare. Please note the thin green lines on the chart indicate 10cm increments. This chart is consistent with the operating plan as per the Muskoka River Water Management Plan. 

"As you can see, Lake of Bays water levels stayed within the Normal Operating Zone (yellow lines) throughout the spring of 2020, right around the target line, and within 10cm of what the target would be in July. Spring levels need to be higher (as indicated by path of “target” green line) to ensure there is enough water through the summer, ensuring residents can enjoy recreational activities such as boating and swimming. Without rain in the spring or summer, lake levels continue to drop through evaporation and maintaining minimum flows downstream in the south branch."  

If you wish to reach out to the Parry Sound District MNRF office with questions, you can contact their water department at:

You can always get real-time hydrometric data for Lake of Bays at Baysville here .

And visit the Muskoka Water Web for lots more water information.
Township of Lake of Bays
Operations and Financial COVID-19 Update

At the May 19 Township of Lake of Bays council meeting, Tom Gefucia, Director of Finance/Treasurer and Michelle Norman, Chief Administrative Officer presented a report on the impact of COVID-19 on the operations and finances of the Township. Overall the Township is managing well and does not have a substantial amount of revenue at risk as the majority of township revenue is related to areas which should not suffer greatly due to the pandemic situation.

Bracebridge Downtown Master Plan

The Town of Bracebridge, and its consultant team of Brook McIlroy, are about to embark on a visioning exercise that will help to shape Downtown Bracebridge for the years to come. This project will take place over several months with a number of opportunities for the public to provide their ideas and input. The first step is to hear from residents, both permanent and seasonal, as well as anyone that uses Downtown Bracebridge, through a public survey open until July 1, 2020.

To participate go to  and then choose the Downtown Master Plan project. Participants are asked to register with Engage Bracebridge so that they will be able to follow the conversation and updates that will be occurring during the project and communicated primarily through that website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Randy Mattice , Manager of Economic Development, Town of Bracebridge
Adopt-A-Pond wants you to record your frog, toad and turtle sightings . . .
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photo by Joan Bendon
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