December 15, 2022 | Issue No. 9
8-Year Old Sandrine
Serious Infection to New Smile!
Last year Sandrine fell off her bike and broke both front teeth. She was given pain medication and antibiotics at a local health center. Months later, Sandrine developed severe pain and swelling. Her mother knew their only hope for next level treatment was to travel over an hour by bike to reach our clinic (4 hours by foot).

When Dr. Lee examined Sandrine, the infection was so advanced, she could not open her right eye or even her mouth, which restricted eating. Dr. Lee referred her admission into the hospital to treat this life-threatening infection. After she healed and was discharged, Dr. Lee provided tooth restoration, a solution that her mother could not have even imagined. Prior to His Hands on Africa, the likely outcome would have been extraction, leaving Sandrine permanently without front teeth, negatively impacting speech, eating, and social interactions.

Both Sandrine and her mother were so overjoyed! Not only was Sandrine given a life-saving treatment, she now has a new smile to last a lifetime. Sandrine’s mother commented, “May God bless you so much and God keep giving you the loving heart. May the doctors continue to grow in their skills through His Hands On Africa to help us.”
Watch Sandrine see her New Smile!

As the year concludes and we look back at 2022, we are so encouraged. The Lord brought new partnerships, staff, volunteers, and opportunities that we could not have imagined.

Your support and prayer has upheld His Hands On Africa, enabling us to serve thousands of people in Rwanda, each one precious to the Lord and to us.

Thank you so much for caring. Thank you for giving and standing with us. There is much to accomplish next year and we are anticipating all the Lord has planned for 2023.

We are incredibly grateful for you. We pray blessing, peace, and joy as you celebrate the Savior's birth this season.

With deep gratitude,
Thomas and Lita Lee
We Raised $128,000 of our $150,000 Goal! We are trusting all funding will come in by the year-end. Thank you for giving.
Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual 5th Annual Gala! If you were unable to attend, please enjoy using the link below.