December Developments
"I started seeing the water damage from the roof, where it was a small leak at first. Then over the years, it started turning into multiple leaks.”
--D.White, D.C. Homeowner, Ward 8
Dear Friends,

Ms.White rushed her six-year-old daughter to a hospital emergency room in January 2021, terrified that her kindergartner wasn’t breathing. The child was hospitalized, receiving round-the-clock steroids and asthma medicine. Her older brother also has asthma, and throughout the pandemic, he has experienced frequent nosebleeds.1

At a follow-up virtual tele-health/housing visit at Children’s National ImpactDC Asthma Clinic, Yachad’s housing experts saw extensive mold in the house. The culprit was water intrusion on multiple levels of the home, caused by a basement flood in 2014 and a failing roof. The family tried multiple times to repair the roof but it wasn’t enough. Yachad responded and replaced the roof immediately.
“It should be no surprise that children living in Wards 7 and 8 are 10 times as likely to visit the emergency room for an asthma attack as children living in the affluent upper Northwest quadrant of the city.”

Janet Phoenix, M.D., George Washington University, School of Public Health.

Washington, D.C., is no different than other major cities. For decades, redlining, restrictive covenants, and urban renewal programs pushed low-income, primarily Black residents into neighborhoods like those in Wards 7 and 8 — racially segregated with aging and lower-quality housing stock. Today, those homes are making residents sick.

Yachad is changing how people live.

Yachad’s mission to build bridges between the Jewish community and Black and Brown communities calls out to us more than ever before in our 30-year history. With your support of $100, $200, $500, or more, Yachad can provide critical services to meet the health and housing needs of our community's children and families.

Yachad is committed to ensuring that homes are healthy and safe.

In light of the challenges we are now facing in our greater community, hope and resilience are more important than ever. But if we have learned anything at all during this time of health and political challenges, it is that hope and resilience alone will not create change. Change will only occur if people come together to act, to give and to voice their concern.
B’ Yachad – together.

Audrey Lyon
Executive Director

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