Y W Calgary | Community Updates | November 2018
YW in the Community
We are excited to share with you the latest news and updates the YW Hub facility, and opportunities for partnerships and community involvement. Read below to learn more!
Construction at the YW Hub facility continues to progress on the outside and inside of the building.

Work on the exterior framing, cladding, roofing and landscaping continues. The courtyard, sidewalks around the building and parking lot are being paved.

Framing and drywall continues to progress on the inside of the building as well. We are starting to see various spaces and rooms taking shape, including the installation of showers in our Transitional Housing bathrooms.

For more information contact
Carla at clink@ywcalgary.ca
YW Hub Courtyard
Community Spaces in the YW Hub
The YW Hub facility is proof that a building can be many things to many people – public and private, secure and open; an active community hub and a quiet sanctuary to work and to rest, heal and call home. Envisioned and designed as a beacon that welcomes our neighbours and the greater Calgary community , the YW Hub facility establishes a safe and vibrant new centre for programs and community-based uses.

We know that design influences how we feel in our surrounding and has an impact on social, physical and mental well-being. Early in the YW Hub planning process we held visioning sessions with community members to inform the creation of a series of Design Drivers, which guided the look, feel and of the facility.

The Design Drivers are:
  • Safe: A safe and welcoming environment
  • Comfort: The comfort of a home-like setting
  • Connected: Connected, with a focus to community
  • Inclusive: An approachable, inclusive and desirable place
  • Resilient: A resilient, enduring and flexible environment
  • Well-being: A spirit of place – physical, social and mental well-being
  • Beacon: A sanctuary of hope and opportunity

For more information contact Amy, Community Hub Director, at aalexander@ywcalgary.ca

Be Part of the Transformation
YW has been connecting with potential donors and engaging new supporters for our Transformation Campaign. Most recently, YW spoke at an International Women’s Forum event and an event focused on mental health called Red Lips. These events provided an opportunity to share our expertise, engage our community, and perhaps inspire other Calgarians to join us in supporting those most vulnerable.

In November, various friends of YW Calgary are hosting private events such as luncheon's and small, private fundraisers in their homes to raise funds in support of YW's Transformation Campaign. These smaller events are a great chance to truly connect and make new friends for the YW.

For those working downtown, YW Calgary will also have a display in Centennial Place and Eau Claire Place from November 5-16, featuring a model of the YW Hub facility and more information on the programs we will offer at the new site. Come see us!

If you would like to have the YW speak with your business or community group or learn how to host your own fundraising event, email Jan, Vice President, Resource Development at jdamery@ywcalgary.ca

YW 101
YW Calgary is the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary. For more than 107 years, we have focused on enhancing women’s safety and well-being while advocating for equity.

In 2017, the YW Calgary supported more than 5,500 Calgary women and families to thrive. Together with the support of our donors, government and other social agencies, we provide shelter, supportive housing, counselling, child development, childcare, education and employment programs that help move women from crisis to stability. 

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