June 2022
Document Review is Always an Option
At Dutton Casey & Mesoloras, we suggest having estate plan documents reviewed at least every 10 years and after a major life change, such as a divorce. You can read this article for more details. Whether you need a review of your estate plan or you are named as an Executor, Power of Attorney, Trustee, etc., and want clarity on your role, we can help!

Give us a call or send us an email to setup a document review consultation today.
Legal Updates
New Medicaid Bill Signed into Law
Illinois House Bill 4343 was signed into law and has significant impact on the community spouse (the spouse not living in a long-term care facility) as it relates to Medicaid eligibility for the spouse living in long-term care. Effective immediately, the monthly allowance for the community spouse is raised from $2,739 per month to $3,435 - the maximum amount allowed under federal law.

It also begins increasing the Illinois Community Spouse Resource Allowance at the rate of 2.5% per year for the next ten years. This is the amount of couples' resources the community spouse can keep without affecting the Medicaid status of the spouse living in a long-term care facility.

Lastly, it allows the community spouse to receive any additional increases in the community spouse resource allowance that is permitted under federal law during these ten years. 

Keeping current with legislation such as this is part of our work on Medicaid planning and applications. Click here to learn more about this service.
Awareness & Resources
Pride Month
Happy Pride Month! At Dutton Casey & Mesoloras, we support the LGBTQ+ Community year-round. Did you know we are a SAGECare Platinum credentialed provider? That means our staff successfully completed training around LGBTQ+ issues related to older adults. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in your LGBTQ+ law needs.

To learn more about SAGE, visit their website here.
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Through our partnerships with local Adult Protective Service (APS) agencies on abuse and exploitation cases, serving on more than one APS multidisciplinary teams, and having a Client Care Coordinator who worked as an APS Caseworker, we are well-versed in the complexities and prevalence of elder abuse. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help litigate such cases or create an advance legal plan to prevent such issues.

To learn more about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, visit the National Center on Elder Abuse website here.
Connect with Us!
Come See Us In-person
We will be at the Elderwerks Aging Better Expo on August 31, 2022. We are happy to announce we will not only have a resource booth but will also be presenting an afternoon session on Medicaid Planning.
Community Presentations
Our attorneys want to make everything elder law more accessible. One way we to that is by educating the community through our speaking engagements. To get a list of our 2022 topics or schedule us, please contact Monica DiOrio at: mdiorio@duttonelderlaw.com or call the office at 312-899-0950.
To find out what we have coming up, visit the Events page on our website.
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