This month we are glad to highlight The Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE), and it's CEO and YDEKC Advisory Board member, Willie Seals III. Founded in 2012, ACE's vision is to prepare men of color for excellence through the core values of FAMILY, ACADEMICS, MOTIVATION, and ENVIRONMENT (FAME).

In the fall, ACE was one of several organizations to receive investment from the Seattle Family, Education, Preschool and Promise (FEPP) in recognition of ACE's track record, positive and intergenerational impact on boys and men of color and ability to continue essential supports through the dual pandemics of racism and COVID-19. Check out this article about the City of Seattle's investments, and ACE's charge to engage over 300 Black students, educators, community volunteers and parents.

ACE’s mission is to provide high quality services in support of men of color. Fostering safe spaces to facilitate their growth to best understand themselves as viable world citizens.