April 20, 2021
Dear Friends of YANA and Go South,

We are elated to announce a new partnership between our organizations. YANA was founded to organize and leverage the collective power of Yale’s nonprofit alumni network for the greater social good. Part of YANA’s original mission is "creating ongoing opportunities for Yale students" to explore meaningful career paths in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors.” YANA and the Board could not be more pleased to further that vision by acting as a fiscal sponsor for Go South, an up-and-coming nonprofit organization founded by Yale alumnae to direct resources to justice-oriented nonprofits in the South.

YANA’s and Go South’s relationship began in 2018, when two of Go South’s co-founders, Dasia Moore ‘18 and Olivia Paschal ‘18, then undergraduates, were selected as YANA-Dwight Hall Fellows to work with other nonprofits in the South and use the summer to build their own Go South fellows project. In the years since, Go South has placed 18 dynamic Yale students in summer fellowship positions with Southern nonprofits in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, West Virginia. Now entering its fourth summer, Go South is ready to take its work to the next level. 

As a fiscally-sponsored project, Go South will receive administrative resources related to communications and fundraising. This arrangement also means that donations made to Go South through YANA, a 501(c)(3), will be tax-deductible. If you are interested in learning more about Go South and supporting their efforts, please click on the button below or go to the Go South website.

We hope that through its partnership with YANA, Go South will be well-positioned to accomplish its ambitious goals: Making its summer fellowship program financially accessible to all students, expanding to more campuses and host cities, planning for the organization’s longevity, and ultimately helping create a more just and equitable South. 

The YANA-Go South relationship will also support YANA as it builds a movement that spans regions and generations to draw every Yale graduate into social good work. We are grateful for your continued support on our journey and excited to share what comes next.
Ken Inadomi '76
Board President, YANA
Rachel Littman '91
Executive Director, YANA
Dasia Moore ‘18, Olivia Paschal ‘18, Michelle Peng ‘19
Co-founders & Directors, Go South
8-Time Consecutive Winner of the Yale Board of Governors Excellence Award 
 Working Together, Giving Back, Changing Lives