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Personally, this week has been super stressful and I am feeling this sentiment from others I speak to. It seems like everyone is ready for some Good News! We know there is good news just right around the corner. It's fitting that this Sunday is Palm Sunday because the Lord will be arriving for Holy Week. We know what Holy Week has in store for us and our church. We know that the Good News of the Lord's resurrection is around the corner. We are ready for the Good News of the Lord!

Formation we will be taking our food from the food drive to MAC. Please meet us in the Attic after 10:05 AM

Conformation will be taking place as normal this Sunday. Please bring your notebooks.

SNL this Sunday we will be dying Easter Eggs. Everything will be provided including dinner! Join us 6:00 PM- 7:30 PM

Acolytes Needed

Looking for 1 acolyte for the 9 easter services in the church

We are looking for 3 acolytes to serve during the Munday Thursday at 7 PM 3/28. If you are willing to serve please arrive at the church at 6:30 PM to get ready. If you are willing to serve please let me know.


Formation will continue as usual.

SNL this week we will be welcoming a youth group from Arkansas. Join us for fun, food, and games. SNL is from 6 PM to 7:30 PM.

SNL This Week: Easter Egg Dying


Parents Needed for SNL Dinner!

It's that time again, SNL begins January 7th which means our parent meal sign-up is back! There is so much that goes into Sunday's in The Attic and one of the ways that parents can help is by providing our meal during SNL. This can be anything from a homemade meal, take-out, or catering...whatever is easiest for you! This is usually for about 20-25 people.

Please take a look at the available dates and sign-up for a time that works best for you! Thank you so much for your dedication to our youth program, we couldn't do it without awesome parents like you!

SNL Spring Dinner Sign-Up

SNL Parent Volunteer

Being a parent volunteer is one of the easiest and most important things you can do! To be an SNL volunteer, you simply need to be present and engaged with our youth on a Sunday night. We will provide the programming and fun, you just have to come along for the ride! Please try to volunteer for at least one slot.

SNL Parent Volunteer Sign-Up

Parish Life

We want to hear your voices and ideas for OUR block. Please let your ideas be heard and consider filling out our Survey. Below is the survey link for "Future Of Our Block"

Future Of Our Block Survey


Be on the lookout for new event!


Be on the lookout for new events!



(grades 7-12)


March 24  9:00 Sing for Palm Sunday, Ellis Hall

Ellis Hall, arrive 8:20 for donkey and procession!

March 24 5:00 Rehearsal

March 31 9:00 Sing for Easter Day, Ellis Hall, arrive 8:30

*March 31 no afternoon rehearsal

*April 7 no afternoon rehearsal 

April 14 5:00 Rehearsal

April 21 5:00 Last Rehearsal of school year

April 28 11:15 Sing, arrive 10:20 to robe and rehearse in Church

April 28 12:30 End-of-year choir party lunch for families

12:30 End-of-Year Choir Party, Ellis Hall, Lunch for all

Honor HS Seniors and 6 th graders, all choirs perform


*May 19 Save the Date – 10:00 am worship in church

Confirmation w/ Bishop Wright (8 th graders)

Reception afterwards, Ellis Hall

9:00 am Arrival rehearse in Ellis Hall with alumni

No robes sit with families





Karol Kimmell, Director of Children & Youth Music: karolkimmell@allsaintsatlanta.org


March 24th

9am in Church:

Richard Wofford- Captain

Audrey Dobranski

Brooks Brisendine

Charles Davidson

Eva Schroeder

Youth Lector: Brooks Brisendine

9am in Ellis:

Katherine Aiken- Captain

Jane Aiken

Sam Jones

Jack Frilingos

Luke Frilingos

Izzy Mauriello


Joe Srinivasan- Captain

Nate Little

Cole Pratt

William Echols

Edward Askew-Norton

William Askew-Norton

Youth Lector: Tweed Fristoe  

Easter Sunday

In Ellis at 9:00 AM

Beau Reinking- Captain

Cade Reinking

Bailey Sullivan

Hannah Sullivan

CeCe Sullivan

Youth Lector: Bailey Sullivan

In Church 9:00 AM

Cole Pratt.

Charlie Freer.

Glover Ulsh

9:00 Youth Lector: Tweed Fristoe

11:15am: Elliott Mainwaring- Captain

Euan Mainwaring

Annie Mainwaring

James Paisley

Maddy Johnson

Karen Bellini-Lopp

Youth Lector: Maddy Johnson


Luke Nolfa

Director of Youth Ministries


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