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Don't put it down; put it away." I saw this quote on social media, and it really resonated with me. I always put my clothes down and never actually put them away and the pile of clothes keeps building. Sometimes, instead of dealing with things that feel hard, like confronting a bad habit or even something as simple as not putting your clean laundry in the drawers where they belong, we end up letting bad behaviors that hurt us or hurt others pile up. [Cut? I find myself often putting things down and not putting them away.] The more you put down without dealing with it, the more you will have to pick up later. Because sooner or later we all have to deal with the things we try to run from. Putting things away  — confronting and dealing with the hard stuff now — is just a small thing to do but it goes a long way and your future self will thank you for it. We are about to enter the season of Lent, starting with Ash Wednesday. We will be encouraging each other to examine ourselves and see if there are patterns of behavior or patterns of thinking that we need to confront and deal with now in order to live the lives God wants for us. What are some things you are deciding to put down instead of putting it away? I invite you to pray that God might give you the energy you need to put things away instead of putting them down.


The acolyte team that is scheduled for February 18th, with Beau Reinking as the captain for the 9:00 AM service and Joe Srinivasan as the captain for the 11:15 AM service, will not be serving on that day. They will be moved to March 3rd. The teams originally scheduled for March 3rd will serve on February 18th. You will be serving the services that you were originally scheduled for. So 9:00 AM will be Richard Wofford's team, and the 11:15 service will be Katherine Aiken- Captain. This adjustment was made because one group of acolytes was scheduled to serve every long weekend and school break, which is not fair. To even it out, I had to make some corrections. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Formation will continue as usual.

SNL this week we will not be meeting. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

No SNL this week



Parents Needed for SNL Dinner!

It's that time again, SNL begins January 7th which means our parent meal sign-up is back! There is so much that goes into Sunday's in The Attic and one of the ways that parents can help is by providing our meal during SNL. This can be anything from a homemade meal, take-out, or catering...whatever is easiest for you! This is usually for about 20-25 people.

Please take a look at the available dates and sign-up for a time that works best for you! Thank you so much for your dedication to our youth program, we couldn't do it without awesome parents like you!

SNL Spring Dinner Sign-Up

SNL Parent Volunteer

Being a parent volunteer is one of the easiest and most important things you can do! To be an SNL volunteer, you simply need to be present and engaged with our youth on a Sunday night. We will provide the programming and fun, you just have to come along for the ride! Please try to volunteer for at least one slot.

SNL Parent Volunteer Sign-Up

Parish Life

The Baptism Banner Committee is looking for new volunteers to make banners that are presented to children on the day of their baptism at All Saints. If you enjoy crafting and giving gifts to others, your enthusiasm for our mission is what we seek most! The tasks are cutting felt shapes, letters, and numbers, gluing and ironing them on a felt shield, and sewing a single bell with a few simple stitches at the bottom of the banner. The time commitment is flexible. Ideally, with enough team members on our committee, each of our volunteers would commit to making 2-3 banners per year. Each banner takes around 4 hours to make. Please contact Kate Mabry at Kate.L.mabry@gmail.com or 404-274-5313 to get involved.


Be on the look out for new events!


Be on the lookout for new events



(grades 7-12)


Feb 18 No rehearsal ~ Presidents Day weekend

FEB 25 5:00 Choir for all





Karol Kimmell, Director of Children & Youth Music: karolkimmell@allsaintsatlanta.org


February 11th

9am: Elliott Mainwaring- Captain Euan Mainwaring Annie Mainwaring James Paisley Maddy Johnson Karen Bellini-Lopp Youth Lector: Maddy Johnson

11:15am: Nora Gaynor- Captain Darcy Gaynor Fiona Sullivan Mary Wyman Woodward Lucas Wrammert Patrick Wrammert Youth Lector: Darcy Gaynor

Spring acolyte schedule


Luke Nolfa

Director of Youth Ministries


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