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Issue No. 245 | February, 17 2023

俗语 from Xi jinping

风云变幻 fēng yún biàn huàn

Definition: constant change of events

Original: “中伊两国传统友好,两国关系经受住各种国际风云变幻考验。”

Source: Fittingly, Xi Jinping spent Valentine's Day with Iranian President Raisi, where Xi opened with remarks on how the relationship had withstood the tests of a constantly changing international environment. Read more at the link below.

Source: 第一观察丨中伊元首会晤的三重意涵

Weekly Reading: The Status of China-Russia Relations

This time last year, China was touting its no-limits partnership with Russia. Where do things stand now? This week's reading is from Russia-China relations expert Feng Yujun, Fudan professor and Vice President of the Institute of International Studies, Director of the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies, and Director of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Research Center. This is a long piece, much of it covering history, so we recommend scrolling directly down to the more readable and relevant Part III: 中俄关系运行平稳.


Podcast Episode Recommendation:

声东击西 – #243 ChatGPT、教育和人类的未来

If you'd like to continue learning about how people are thinking about ChatGPT, we have a podcast recommendation for you. Shēngdōngjīxī's most recent episode features co-founder and CEO of Parent Lab Jill Li, who joins to discuss the impact of ChatGPT and AI on early childhood education.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

声东击西 Website

Internship Opportunity

Carnegie China’s 2023 Summer Young Ambassadors Program

This is a virtual summer internship for students who are want to learn about international relations and think tank work:

"Carnegie China is seeking highly qualified and motivated students and recent graduates to apply for its Summer Young Ambassadors Program. Selected interns will have the opportunity to learn about key foreign policy issues by interacting with and supporting senior Chinese and international scholars and experts and supporting Carnegie China's activities and operations. Interns will become an integral part of Carnegie's global network."

Application Deadline: March 10, 2023

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