Wrapping up Dig Safe Month in SK
Spring has Sprung!

Thank you Saskatchewan for hearing our message of Dig Safe and Best Practices during April’s Dig Safe Month.

22 FREE Breakfasts were sponsored by 24 industry members in partnership with the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance – over 2700 registered to attend. We appreciate their ongoing support to spreading the dig safe message.

Let the work begin…..if you are planting a tree, building a fence, replacing a mailbox, putting in a new garden – shed – deck or just disturbing the ground for any reason, you should remember:

1. Click Before You Dig
2. Wait for the locates
3. Respect the marks

***(It’s important to remember that not all companies subscribe to Sask 1st Call. It is up to the excavator to find and contact those unregistered facilities by contacting owners through land titles, municipalities, cities and towns)

For easy reference below are the videos that were shown during our presentations. We encourage you to rewatch or share with your team.
Any of these made in Saskatchewan safety videos make great safety, staff and tailgate meeting content!
Safe traffic planning and necessary signage when working near roadways.
What are the rules when digging near roadways and railways?
Tips for locating the right way, the first time.
What does one year of the 30-day time frame for locate validity look like?
Swift Current
The presentation handouts....
Information cards; colour code labels; pens were all available during the breakfasts - need a supply reach out at info@scga.ca.