30th Annual WB Park Day
Back and Beautiful!!!!

Dedicated to George Hebert, thanks for the smiles & giggles, George.

Image credits: J. Rose
Historical Tidbit:
WWII War Rationing Booklet

Back of booklet: "Rationing is a vital part of your country's war effort. Any attempt to violate the rules is an effort to deny someone his share and will create hardship and help the enemy. This book is your Government's assurance of your right to buy your fair share of certain goods made scarce by war. Price ceilings have also been established for your protection. Dealers must post these prices conspicuously. Don't pay more. Give your whole support to rationing and thereby conserve our vital goods. Be guided by the rule: If you don't need it, DON'T BUY IT."

Items were rationed because of shortages in the rubber and metal industries. Because trucks using rubber tires delivered processed goods, anything processed was rationed. As of February 1942, all metal work was converted to producing tanks, aircraft, weapons, and other military products, with the United States government as the only customer and so there was no longer available: metal office furniture, typewriters, radios, phonographs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and sewing machines.

Civilians first received ration books - War Ration Book Number One, 4 May 1942, through more than 100,000 school teachers, PTA groups, and other volunteers. A national speed limit of 35 miles per hour was imposed to save fuel and rubber for tires. Each person in a household received a ration book, including babies and small children who qualified for canned milk not available to others. To receive a gasoline ration, a person had to prove they owned no more than 5 tires, the extras would be confiscated. 
April 1, 1942, anyone wishing to purchase a new toothpaste tube, then made from metal, had to turn in an empty one. On May 5, the US was rationed to 1/2 pound of sugar per person per week. Coffee was rationed nationally on 29 November 1942 to 1 pound every five weeks. By the end of 1942, rationing was in place for typewriters, gasoline, bicycles, footwear, silk, nylon, fuel oil, stoves, meat, lard, shortening and oils, cheese, butter, margarine, processed foods (canned, bottled, and frozen), dried fruits, canned milk, firewood and coal, jams, jellies, and fruit butter.

Information from www.ameshistory.org
Life Magazine, 1941-1942
Rationing Book of Richard Alexander, courtesy of Margaret Alexander
Written by J.R.
Town Hall

WB Public Library
Council on Aging

1st & 3rd Wednesday each month 3:30 - 4:30p (As of Sept. 1 hours will change from 4- 5p)
Proof of residency is the only requirement.
Spring Street School,
2 Spring St
Katheryn Kelsch 
won a 1 week of free children's dance classes at
Dance Theater of New England. Try as many different classes as you would like, $55 value.

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Internship Opportunity

*Graphic Design

Gain real-world knowledge as we design our internship specifically for you!

To participate, email resume: events@buzzaround.info
Pictures from the 9-11 display in WB
Photo credit: Jen Bellody

...and now we ponder how we can spread peace...
Peace in West Bridgewater and Beyond

Sept 19th - 26th
Join the Bridgewater and BSU community in recognizing International Day of Peace (Sept. 21) and International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (Sept. 26) with a week full of virtual events. With the exception of the events on Sunday, Sept. 19, all events throughout the week will be held online, and some require registration in advance.
The events are as follows:
Monday, Sept. 20 - Speaking with Children and Young Adults about Peace Register Here
Tuesday, Sept. 21 - Can One Person Make a Difference? What About a Community? Register Here
Wednesday, Sept. 22 - Migration in Central America Register Here
Thursday, Sept. 23 - Nuclear Weapons: A Public Health Issue Register Here
Friday, Sept. 24 - Music and Peace
Saturday, Sept. 25 - Origami Cranes: Make and Leave around town & BSU Campus
Sunday, Sept. 26 - International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Support WB Athletic Boosters
For $100 your business or individual name will be listed on our events advertisement page, in our Athletic Awards yearbook and on the banner at the Funny 4 Funds comedy night event.
Contact Jen Morash jen.morash@gmail.com to make a donation or answer any questions.

Garden Harvest Recipe Contest

To enter: submit recipes Sept 9th - Oct 9th, 2021

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Do You Have Questions About Small Farming? Our "How to" Books Have The Answers!
Need a book on how to raise chickens? Raising goats? How to raise pigs? How to raise turkeys? How to raise ducks? How to improve sandy soil? Drought gardening? Water gardens? Butterfly gardens?
Come find YOUR answers!

1000 Plymouth St (Rt 104) • Bridgewater • (508) 697-0357
Sponsors and Ads Wanted
The Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters is honoring three community leaders through its 21st Citizen of the Year Award program for the three Bridgewaters this November. Please consider sponsoring or advertising for the program.

For details on the sponsorship levels and advertisements pleases contact
Mike Kryzanek at 617-922-0453 mkryzanek@bridgew.edu.

Submit print ready ads in jpeg or pdf format to Beth Smith bethrollsmith@gmail.com.

Tickets for sale for the event (Nov 4th, 7p) are $20 each. Include your name, phone number and email address. Please make checks payable to: Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters.
Mail to: P. O. Box 266, E Bridgewater, MA 02333
Submissions need to be submitted by Oct 8th.
West Bridgewater Children’s
Business Fair
Register now for Sat, October 2nd
10a - 3p
70 Howard St
Please come support your local Business Entrepreneurs! Young Entrepreneurs will showcase their business and sell their products to the public for this one day event! It’s an opportunity to support our youths creativity and hopefully establish future goals in their lives! Hope to see you all there!
Please share this event! It’s open to anyone!
If you would like to register your child, please go to this link.
Mass Cultural Council Grants Available
The West Bridgewater Cultural Council invites organizations, schools, and individuals to apply for grants that support community-oriented arts, humanities, and science programs.

The West Bridgewater Cultural Council is part of a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. The LCC Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, sciences and humanities every year. The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, which then allocates funds to each community. 

This year, the West Bridgewater Cultural Council will distribute about $5,900 in grants. Recently funded projects include: summer concerts, children's library events & motivational speaker at the middle/senior high school.

The application deadline is October 15, 2021. Guidelines and applications for your town are available online at www.mass-culture.org. The West Bridgewater Council can be reached by email, smithjeanne13@yahoo.com

Visit the Mass Cultural Council website for more information!
Refresh Your Lawn! 

Grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong. Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots.

Whether your project is big or small, we can help!

Work smarter not harder!

10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater
(508) 279-0950
Dance Theater of New England
West Bridgewater Schools
Welcome Back '21
Video Courtesy of WBTVPRO
2021-2022 Back to School Plan

Please click the link below to view the 2021-2022 Back to School Plan. If you have any questions, p...

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Back to School:
August 31st brought smiles and excitement amist the nervousness. So proud of our students!

Have fun with us and bee entered to win:
45 minute Reiki Treatment with

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World Peace
“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” ~ Albert Einstein

" If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."
 ~ Dale Carnegie

"We win by tenderness. We conquer by forgiveness." ~ Frederick William Robertson

“If you tolerate fear,
you yourself will become distrustful.
If you tolerate hate,
you yourself will become dispiteful.
If you tolerate arrogance,
you yourself will become concietful.
If you tolerate ignorance,
you yourself will become disgraceful.

If you promote tolerance,
you yourself will become peaceful.
If you promote harmony,
you yourself will become joyful.
If you promote love,
you yourself will become powerful.
If you promote world peace,
you yourself will become impactful.”
~ Matshona Dhliwayo
We do not live in a just world, and so there is violence, there is war.

But if every day, we hold back our fear and give a tiny bit more love, we move a tiny bit closer.

When we can respect each other and work toward a just and a sustainable society. We'll get there together. ~ Jacquie 

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