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Alex Fox, England

Elizabeth Mills, England

Rebecca Sheppard, USA

Beris Campbell,  Australia

Angelo Mussoni,  Italy  




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You are part of the international family of Homesharers!!

Greetings from Oxford!


I'm here at the Third World Homeshare Congress, where delegates from 13 countries are sharing the challenges and great successes of our work, as well as developing a unified and innovative vision for the future. It is an honor to represent US programs, and most especially St Ambrose: it seems that our program is among the unique ones worldwide since we are thriving, expanding, and growing our reach in the community. 


Being here among people committed to Homesharing worldwide reminds me of how blessed I am to have the opportunity to work with you - our clients and the staff and supporters of the St. Ambrose Homesharing program. I look forward to returning to Baltimore rejuvenated with fresh ideas for our work together. I'll close with one of my favorite quotes from a panelist here: "Each pairing of people we make is more than a 'match,' it's a whole story." 





p.s. Meet some of the other representatives of Homesharing from around the world.  

  Shared Housing Congress