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Obama bans some military-style gear given to police
The Boston Globe

Nationwide, we're seeing a trend towards the militarization of community police forces.  The President's action takes a wise step back towards balance.  Here in Mass., Rep. Mary Keefe and I have filed a bill to require local debate before military equipment transfers are allowed.

Millennials: the Brunch Generation?
Gen Y Gets Smart

This blog post makes me hungry, the test of any good writing about food.
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During Senate debate on the budget, I joined 28 colleagues to pass a tax break for working families across Massachusetts.  The idea is to expand the state "earned income tax credit."  Everybody saves something, but those who make $50,000 and below get particular benefit.  Our point: If you're going to reduce taxes, be sure to target relief to the middle class.

Next comes a conference committee to work out differences between House and Senate versions of the budget.  Here's hoping the Senate's approach sticks.








Sen. Mike Barrett

Senate gives METCO a boost

Earlier this year I met with METCO students who go to school in my district.  They get up at 5 am or earlier to get here.  I support more funding for the program.  On to the conference committee to see if the increase stays in the budget. 

Minuteman March
500 people turned out for Minuteman Arc's Annual March.  Located in Concord, Minuteman provides early intervention and a host of other services to children with disabilities.  On the right: moi, Sen. Eldridge (D-Action) and Executive Director Jean Goldsberry.  Photos thanks to Minuteman. 
Matters of the heart
Chatting at the State House with heart disease survivor and advocate Joanne Dull of Chelmsford, joined by George Murphy, Community CPR Manager for the American Heart Association.
Lifesaving work
Pleased to mark the lifesaving work of the New England Organ Bank, serving 160 hospitals and 12 transplant centers across the region.  From left to right: Kenny Laferriere, a heart recipient; Waltham Mayor Jeanne McCarthy; me; Cong. Katherine Clark; NEOB CEO Alex Glazier; advocate Ann Linehan; Matt Boger, Director of State Relations for NEOB; Rep. John Lawn; Rep. Tom Stanley; Mike Slama, a heart recipient; and Jim Pazzanese, a lung recipient.