One Member's Way Of Communicating With Staff About Working in Today's COVID-19 World
Hello All,

I first and foremost wanted to thank you all for your flexibility during this time. Rest assured, I am speaking daily and following the updates closely. Some of you have concerns over whether we need to be doing more or even something different. I want you all to know I take those concerns seriously.  

In times like these, there's comfort in knowing what other health professionals are doing. I decided to contact some primary care offices to see what precautions, if any, they have implemented. I felt primary care offices were best to contact as they're the ones directly treating this population. Six (6) offices were contacted and below is what I found;

  • Four (4) offices were instructing patients who have or think they have Corona like symptoms to either stay at home or seek treatment at a hospital if they were high risk.
  • One (1) office was actually treating these patients in-office with gloves and a mask, but through a separate entrance and room.
  • One (1) office was treating these patients in a curb-side manner on the premise, but not in the office.
  • Five (5) of the offices staff were not wearing gloves or masks, one (1) of the offices were.
  • All offices were wiping patient areas after every patient.
  • All offices were treating non-Corona like symptoms patients as usual.
  • All waiting rooms were being used as usual without any restrictions, meaning no limited seating.  
  • All offices were working at normal staff capacity.
  • All offices were conducting business as usual, with precaution of course, for patients who are symptomatic.

Please continue to follow the instructions that you've been provided, and understand that the situation is fluid, and I will be updating every several days or as needed. As it stands for now, all offices will remain open and we will continue treating non-sick hearing impaired patients. I appreciate your cooperation during this unique time, it doesn't go unnoticed.