Dear Kate,

April has been exciting for our coalition! Most importantly, the Psychedelic Medicines Working Group required by SB242 convened for its first session last Friday. We are pleased with how it went and eager for the rest of the members to be appointed so the group can begin laying the foundation to improve Nevada's mental health.

We also had our very first coalition-building fundraiser in Las Vegas. 75 people attended a fascinating and fun-filled event. (The next time you're in a room with Dustin Hines, PhD, ask him to do his impression of a neuron. You won't regret it.)

Future coalition events include a fundraiser in Reno for Sierra Psychedelic Society, and a pair of workshops with Manesh Girn, PhD (also hosted by SPS). Scroll down for details on all three events!

As always, thank you so much for being a part of the Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines. Let's heal Nevada together!

- The NCPM Team


The Psychedelic Medicines Working Group convened virtually this past Friday, marking the beginning of their crucial efforts. Throughout the three-hour session, presentations were delivered by representatives from Nevada’s Office of Analytics, Office of Suicide Prevention, and Department of Veterans Services. These presentations highlighted Nevada's mental health crisis and the current support infrastructure aimed at mitigating its impact. Despite the commendable efforts of individuals dedicated to addressing this issue statewide, it is evident that mental health has regrettably been neglected for far too long.

That neglect was underscored by the delayed assembly of the working group, with only 11 out of the designated 15 members appointed. The session concluded with compelling presentations by Dr. Hines and Dr. Tabaac, who eloquently described the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicines, initiating critical discussions, and laying the groundwork for the group to formulate a tangible action plan for Nevada. However, it is crucial to recognize that our journey has just begun, with much work yet to be done.

As an organization, the Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines seeks to revolutionize mental health through harnessing the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances while igniting a societal dialogue on mental health issues.

With the party primaries approaching in just over eight weeks on June 11th, we want to express our gratitude and show our deep appreciation to the incredible legislators who have championed the cause of mental health awareness. Thank you Senators Rochelle Nguyen, Fabian Donate, Jeff Stone, Ira Hansen, and Assembly Members Max Carter and Danielle Gallant, along with all those dedicated to bringing mental health to the forefront of Nevada's agenda.


April 11th, NCPM gathered in Las Vegas with over 75 Nevadans for a fundraiser to support our work as we move towards the next legislative session in Nevada. This is a historic moment for psychedelic medicine in Nevada, and we are working to grow this movement statewide. We were thrilled to see a room full of support for this critical cause. We heard from speakers like Dustin Hines, Ph.D., from UNLV, who is on the cutting edge of the research with these medicines. We also heard impactful personal stories from people like Assemblyman Max Carter, and we are excited about the future of what these medicines can do for Nevadans with addiction, PTSD, mental health, and so much more. These medicines have the potential to save lives and revolutionize mental health, and Nevada should be on the cutting edge of this work.

We are so thankful to all of the supporters and donors who were in the room last Thursday, and who are interested in getting involved with this movement. We look forward to building our grassroots coalition in southern Nevada!

Mark your calendars for the Sierra Psychedelic Society April 19th Spring Fundraiser! NCPM will be honoring Nevada State Senator Rochelle Nguyen and Nevada State Assemblyman Max Carter with the inaugural Healing Loudly award. SPS will also be presenting Doug Erwin with the Community Advocate Award for his dedication to raising awareness and support--he has fostered thoughtful conversation on this issue through his podcast "Growth Pioneers," in addition to supporting our community in a myriad of ways.

For our keynote speaker, we are thrilled to welcome Anne Weisman, Ph.D. Anne is the Director of Well-Being and Integrative Medicine at UNLV, and will be discussing the important intersection between integrative medicine and psychedelic therapies with a talk titled, "There Are Many Paths to Healing." Join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals and the 2 year anniversary of Sierra Psychedelic Society!

This will be a great night with food, beverages, raffles, and more! We invite you to sponsor the event! Sponsorship will include 5 tickets, and your name and logo in the program and on promotional materials. Thank you so much for the support. Sierra Psychedelic Society is a 501(c) nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible.



Dr. Manesh Girn will be offering two different workshops in Reno on May 4th at The Studio Reno! 

Dr. Manesh Girn is a postdoctoral neuroscientist specializing in psychedelic drugs at the University of California, San Francisco. Working closely with psychedelic research pioneer Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, he conducts research on the neural mechanisms underlying the psychedelic experience and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. He has been lead or co-author of over 20 peer-reviewed publications to date on topics including psychedelics, the default mode network, abstract cognitive processes, and brain network. Dr. Girn also runs a popular digital platform on Instagram and YouTube called "The Psychedelic Scientist”, where he disseminates the latest findings and developments in psychedelic science in a layperson friendly manner. Finally, he serves as the Chief Research Officer at EntheoTech Bioscience, a pioneering Canadian bioscience company focused on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and multidisciplinary mental health solutions.

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