Draft Equipment: Understanding The Why
Dogs can pull with ill-fitted equipment, but they have to use a lot more energy and be uncomfortable doing so. These are the dogs you see that seem very unhappy about doing draft work. It is our job, as handlers, to be sure they don’t have to work under such conditions. If we decide to ask our dog to work as a draft dog it is our responsibility to be sure they do so comfortably and efficiently.

Training Spotlight
“Give it a name”. If you want your Newf to do something and to do it consistently, you must give the command a name. In addition to “naming” the command, the handler must use the same terminology consistently for your Newf to learn exactly what you want them to do for you. The name you give the action does not matter as long as it is used consistently.

Working Dog Myth Busters
Are you training and working toward the NCA working dog titles? Sometimes there are “urban legends” around working events that people wonder about. Things that get passed down throughout regional clubs or training groups that may need some Myth Busting! Do you have questions like that? Give us the list of your Urban Legends for working events, and we will share the information about myth busting in a future issue of the Working Dog News.  

Training During COVID
So many areas have felt the brunt of COVID restrictions, and this past year has been challenging to hold NCA events within local public health guidelines. But don’t dismay! While your area may not have had the opportunity to test your draft skills, or whet your water training appetite, there are many fun activities that can help you build teamwork and have fun during COVID. Skills that are required to master these titles take training and cross over to use with NCA working events. Many of the opportunities listed below give you and your dog the chance to earn AKC titles too! So grab your phone or your go-pro camera and get ready for some fun 2020-Virtual Style! Here’s a list that will get you and your newf teammate out training! Have fun!
Kristin Eberly captured these photos on her way to earning a Rally™ Title with her girl Natalie.
Regional Club Test Comittees
Test Committees, Judges and COVID - Please continue to be mindful of continuing restrictions on travel, potential traveler quarantines, and changing COVID restrictions for your areas. Public guidelines need to be followed whether events are in public areas or private ones. Please help keep our fellow newf lovers safe during these challenging times. Event COVID plans need
pre-approval from the WDC, please submit them in advance.  

Submit Water Test Applications to:

Submit Draft Test Applications to:
Need help getting started with a working event? Check out these tools for Regional Clubs!
Judge's Corner
Judges - please complete!

Training newfs during COVID can be a bit of a solitary undertaking. To help our entrants learn more about what to expect during test situations, Judges, please share a bit of your expertise as we develop a virtual list of what judges like to see from entrants and suggestions you may have for improving performances at working events. These ideas and tips will be shared in the next issue! 

Judging During Covid
Please continue to be mindful of continuing restrictions on travel and COVID restrictions for the area you may have accepted an assignment. Stay in good contact with your committee to advise them of any potential issues with travel from your end. Stay safe!
Thanks to the members of the Working Dog Committee for sharing the great photos in this issue. If you would like to share photos of working dogs at work (and play), please send them in - we'd love to see them! Make sure you have permission from the photographer for us to use the photos for publication.