Is Your Draft Dog Just A Beginner?
Draft training is ramping up for the fall/winter and spring.... please take a look at this summary of the exercises in our newest division, Beginner Draft. It's a great way to get interested in carting! 

Training Tips - Off Season Conditioning for Water Dogs
Our gentle giants are well known as the lifeguards of the high seas, and we can help their instinct shine by keeping them in top athletic condition. When the weather turns colder, there are lots of other sports available to keep our dogs active and engaged. One of the best ways to spend a brisk autumn morning is working on tracking. Check out some of the great resources on getting started in tracking with your Newf:
Draft Training Seminar
So, your Newf has mastered the BDD level of Draft Work and you're ready for more! Check out this seven-part Draft video seminar hosted by Sue Marino, and then connect with your Regional Club to find a Draft Training Group near you for practice.
Please let us know what else
we can do to support you! 
Regional Club Test Comittees
Please make sure your test premiums and catalogs update your NCA Board of Directors listings. Pat Randall has stepped down from the board, and the board has appointed Susan Wagner to that open position.

Second, we have had some difficulty with electronic submissions for test event applications. Please, until further notice, send your hard copy applications (Please PRINT) through normal mail service to these committee members below:  

Draft Test Applications
Patti Pigeon
16400 W. 51st Ave
Golden, CO 80403
Water Test Applications
Dwight Gorsuch
6282 Burris Rd
Rock Hall, MD 21661

If your club has electronically submitted a test application for a draft or water test and the WDC has not responded, please reach out to Patti for draft tests and Dwight for water tests.  
Need help getting started with a working event? Check out these tools for Regional Clubs!
Judge's Corner
Thank you for working so hard for all competitors during COVID!  
Just a quick reminder that entrants enjoy reading those comments that you can write on the entrant score sheets, so keep those notes coming!  
Also, please make sure that if a dog leaves the test area to mark them DQ at that point on the record form, and also should an entrant decide to pull out of a test at any point to mark that as pulled. (It just helps with the end of the year stats)  

Stay safe!!
Remembering Kevin Gallagher
The Newfoundland community mourns the passing of a special man who kept the love of family, community and Newfoundlands in the forefront of all he contributed. 

Hardworking volunteer for the Newfoundland Club of America and the Northern California Newfoundland Club, and an NCA Working Events Judge, he was always willing to share his knowledge and his love of the breed with all. 

He will be greatly missed.  
Thanks to the members of the Working Dog Committee for sharing the great photos in this issue. If you would like to share photos of working dogs at work (and play), please send them in - we'd love to see them! Make sure you have permission from the photographer for us to use the photos for publication.