Land Work - A Spring Key to Summer Success in the Water
Although there may be snow, or the lake close to you is still too cold for water play. You can get some great early season training on land! Some tips include:

• Working on “take/hold/give” at home, in the park, at Home Depot
• Take your cushion and life jacket to the park for some retrieve practice
• Take your rope to the park and practice take/hold/give on the baseball field, using the bases as targets or get friends to stand on the bases and call the dog to them
• Create a little platform, use a low table for a “boat platform” to practice your oar retrieve
• Use a wheelbarrow, a wagon or a plastic kayak in the grass to be your “boat”. A friend placed inside any of those items can call your dog as if they are coming to a boat

Video demos:

Good foundation work on land transfers quickly to the water, and gives you a head start on Summer!
San Diego Draft Test!
Not to be “detoured” by COVID, San Diego “Newfs At Work” urban draft tests were a huge success! 

Entrants received “hard hats” with the test logo - super cute!! 

Congratulations to the test committee, the stewards and all the entrants. 

Glad you had a great weekend!  
New Reveal Just Around the Corner!
The TRAC Committee has been hard at work redesigning the Working Dog website pages as part of a new "Active Newf" mobile site that will encomapss Conformation, Working, Performance and Companion events. Built to align with the new overall web design for the whole NCA. We are very excited that the new reveal is just around the corner, stay tuned -- coming soon!
Working Tests During COVID
These COVID practices have been compiled from regional clubs plans and practices over the past year. These guidelines give your club a good starting point for considerations for testing during COVID. As your local and state regulations change, please continue to be aware of your area’s restrictions. Event COVID plans need pre-approval from the WDC, please submit them in advance.  

Thanks to Laura Chapman Stevens and the Newfoundland Club of South Australia for the mask wearing tutorial image!
Regional Club Test Comittees
Online Entry!  Online Entry continues to be a wonderful tool for secretaries to expedite the entry process, and avoid lots of retyping! Entries sync with the NCA database, too, for ease of use. The WDC is the new first stop for committees wanting to use online entry for their upcoming tests. Please reach out with questions and we will be glad to support you through the process! Test committees who want to use online entry should note that on their test application or email the Working Dog Committee about 4 months prior to your test opening so we can make sure your club is all set to receive online entries on time!

Holding any seminars? Let us know about your regional working seminars so we can post them on the events calendar and help spread the word!  

Submit Water Test Applications to:

Submit Draft Test Applications to:
Need help getting started with a working event? Check out these tools for Regional Clubs!
Judge's Corner
Virtual Judges Forum

Due to the ongoing concerns and unpredictability of the coronavirus causing the NCA to cancel the 2021 National, the WDC has determined that it is in the best interest of our NCA working judges to move forward with a judges forum to connect us virtually this year. We hope to have a program in place by summer 2021 for draft and water judges to come together to discuss issues of importance at working events. Look for more information on these virtual meetings in the coming months.
The Proper Approach
While this video is specific to obedience judges, the message can be directly applied to judging Newfoundlands in draft work.  Judges, please be mindful when you approach dogs to check their harness, their apparatus, or for the moving stand in DDX to approach from the front. A great reminder thanks to the AKC!

Judging During COVID
Please continue to be mindful of continuing restrictions on travel and COVID restrictions for the area you may have accepted an assignment. Stay in good contact with your committee to advise them of any potential issues with travel from your end. Stay safe!
Thanks to the members of the Working Dog Committee for sharing the great photos in this issue. If you would like to share photos of working dogs at work (and play), please send them in - we'd love to see them! Make sure you have permission from the photographer for us to use the photos for publication.