There's a whole lot of moving going on. As we all now know, the Covid pandemic sent many office workers to work from their homes last year and into the first half of 2021. 

Not anticipated however was the affect this had on many families who have hit the pause button to reassess their lives. As a result, the possibility of working from home either permanently or on a part time basis has created an opportunity for many to move to a better location. 

More than 20% of workers surveyed last month said they are thinking about relocating, and 19% said they have moved since 2020.

That's about the same percentage of people — about 39% — who said they had moved to their current home between 2010 and 2019, according to a survey conducted by Fortune magazine and research firm Momentive.​​​
Working from anywhere stays popular among workers: more than half of all workers say they would relocate to another area if they could work from anywhere.

The ability to work from anywhere changing home-buying preferences: property size, home features, and proximity to family are more important to remote workers than Americans overall.

Remote workers also have greater flexibility in choosing where they move to, opting to relocate for lower costs of living, health concerns, and more favorable weather. They are also more likely to relocate out of state and to the suburbs.
More than half of all workers would consider relocating if they could work from anywhere.

About one in three workers (32%) are working remotely at least part of time in July.
Work-from-anywhere policies are changing relocation preferences among remote workers.

Remote workers are moving for different reasons, with the ability to work from anywhere allowing for greater flexibility in where they want to live.

Gen Z and Millennials are less likely to be satisfied with where they live now. Roughly one in three of Gen Zers (32%) and Millennials (37%) say they are “very happy”, where they live now compared with 44% of Gen X and 53% of Boomers. 
Children and housing affordability main motivations for relocation among parents.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of parents with children under 18 moved within the last year, with 33% citing a better environment for their children as the leading reason for relocation.