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Different types of Learners

One of the great things we've discovered about using morphology to learn vocabulary is that the approach seems to work with virtually every type of learner.  


High Achievers - I showed WordBuild to two high school seniors a few years ago, and within three minutes they were both upset because they hadn't used it! These students were about to attend

Princeton and The University of Virginia, and one of them said "Man, if I'd had this I would have done so much better on the SAT!" 


Struggling Students - A few years ago we were asked by the NYC Public Schools Department of Academic Intervention to do a short pilot using WordBuild. In just 12 weeks everyone improved reading comprehension dramatically, and the gap between low performing students and top students narrowed significantly!


Learning Challenges - The segmented approach of WordBuild helps many students with dyslexia use WordBuild very successfully. Now we have evidence of success with autism! I confess that I teared up when I read this review: The Open Window Autism Blog


What kind of student do you have?


Morphemes of the week: The prefix RE + the suffix ED

Enjoy this brief video that comes directly from WordBuild Foundations Level 1. 
The prefix RE plus the suffix ED
The prefix RE plus the suffix ED

We finally have a few weeks of not travelling before we head to Houston for the THSC conference July 23rd-26th. Phew!

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